My Workshop

Beginner Basics Workshop 1

This workshop will be a super easy beginner workshop where you will learn simple strokes and how you can use them to create many different designs. 

I keep it short so you can paint along in small increments of time.  We are all so busy that making time for ourselves is difficult but so necessary for our sanity. 

I show you how learning to paint can be accomplished in 10 to 15 minutes or less, at a time. 

This workshop will include worksheets for you to print out and use over and over again to help you master the strokes. 

painting worksheets

Not only will it include these worksheets but some bonus lessons as well to help you complete some fun projects to give away or keep. 

Do you want to start painting but can’t seem to get going?

This workshop is for you.

Feel like you have no time so you can’t learn to paint?

This workshop is for you.

Come join me in this easy step by step workshop to start on your painting journey. 

Relax, enjoy and have fun! You can do this. 


Do you want to be a Beta Tester for my course? Beta testers will get a discount for being my guinea pigs and giving me honest feedback as I launch. 

The content will be dripped to you as I get the modules done and you can critique it and let me know what I can do to improve it, if need be.