Paint Boots in Acrylics

How to paint boots in acrylics. Easy step by step painting tutorial. You can paint boots in all sorts of colors and they are a fantastic design you can use in many painting designs!

This paint boots in acrylics is a stand alone tutorial, but will be used in many designs I have planned for you. The first of which is this still life of roses and hydrangeas in rainboots.

yellow roses and blue hydrangeas in rainboots painting

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Hydrangeas and Roses in boots collage workbook
The printable step by step workbook is now available, just click here!

Paint Boots in Acrylics

First off lets get the supplies together.

Paint Boots in Acrylics

white rubber boots painted in acrylics

Paint boots in acrylic paints

Prep Time 2 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Plaid Folk Art Acrylics Paints
  • Wicker White
  • Navy Blue
  • Pure Black


  • Donna Dewberry one stroke 3/4 inch flat brush
  • #10 flat brush


  1. See article on Pamela Groppe art for step by step directions


Paint boots in colors of choice. The variations are numerous.

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Transfer boot outline

With graphite paper and the design transfer the boots to your surface. For this demonstration I used a 14 x 11 canvas. A downloadable pattern will be available in the subscriber resource library.

The boots are a fairly straightforward design and can easily be drawn on if you prefer.

Draw or transfer outline of boots

For the back ground find a lesson here: Paint a neutral background.

Paint boots with White

Using the 3/4″ flat brush load with plenty of white and just fill in the area. The graphite lines should easily show through.

Paint rainboots with white and a large flat brush

Paint Boot base

I did not know exactly what to call this part of the boot but I will refer to it as trim.

Mix some Pure Black with Wicker White to get a medium to light gray. Don’t be to precious about it, as long as it is on the lighter side it is fine.

Using the #10 flat brush pull a stroke along the trim line. The width of the brush is about the right size to create the line.

Paint boot detail with gray

For the next trim just add a touch more black to the previous mixture of Wicker White and Black to create a darker gray.

Using the #10 flat brush paint the bottom of the boot edge.

finish base of boots with black

The very bottom is painted with Pure Black and add a touch of shadow on the right boot where the two boots meet.

Paint the boot details

With the 3/4″ flat brush double load with Wicker White and Navy Blue.

This is a different double load, instead of half of each color you want to load most of the brush with the Wicker White and just a touch of the Navy on the opposite corner. (the video will help a lot with this)

Stroke along the left edges of the boots and along the detail on the front. You want the blue to be subtle and not a stark line.

You could also do this step with black if you prefer.

Add details to the boots with Navy blue

Paint the top band of the boots with a gray mix like the base. Using the #10 flat brush just pull and band across both boots.

Next create the tab on the boots with the same color and brush.

Final boot details painted on

Now you have some sweet boots to fill with flowers, vines or whatever your hearth desires to paint.

Soon the Hydrangeas and Roses section of this painting will be available.

For notification of when they are posted please sign up here and you can access free patterns in the resource library.

Happy Painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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