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easy Paint Violet Flowers on Glass

Here is an easy Paint Violet Flowers on Glass jars! These are actually Yoplait Oui yogurt jars that I find too cute to toss.  Instead re-purpose them into fun little decorative DIY art.  This is a super simple way to get introduce to glass painting. 

I am going to share with you how to paint violet flowers on glass.

I love re-purposing things and these little Oui jars are too cute to just put in the recycle bin.  They will make great little tea lights, especially painted with violet flowers or any cute flowers. 

Have you seen my glass painting posts?  I have a few here so you should look them up with you get the chance.

I will link to them at the bottom of this post. 

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Small jars hand painted with violet flowers with text overlay, How to Paint Flowers on Glass, Easy for Beginners, fun for everyone, w/video, pamelagroppe.com

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Why Paint on Glass?

Painting on glass has endless possibilities.  You can paint on re-purposed items as I do here. 

Or you can paint on wine glass, vases and much more.  You can sell your painted items at craft bazaars, in consignment shops or on a website like Etsy or Shopify. 

You can also just learn to paint on glass to have fun and create DIY gifts for friends and family. 

Prepare Glass for Painting Violet Flowers

These little jars I am painting on today are re-purposed Oui yogurt jars from Yoplait. 

I love the yogurt and I am so happy they use glass instead of plastic.  Much more environmentally friendly plus so fun to make into DIY projects. 

I wash them up and remove the labels. The labels have a very tough adhesive, I use CitraSolv to remove them.  

I tried all the tricks out there on Pinterest and none of them worked, like the baking soda and oil, etc. 

Don’t waste your time on those, get the real deal and get er’ done fast and easy. 

After getting the label off with your solvent, wash with hot dish soap and water. 

Dry and then wipe with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils or residue.

Let air dry. 

Don’t have a stash of these jars?  Here are some cute ones that come with lids.
Here is a quick video overview, for a real time video see the end of this post.


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Add a Base Layer with Glass Paint medium

This is optional, but if you are new to glass painting and how slippery it is then this will help you a lot.

I use Plaid FolkArt Enamels Frost Medium on these jars.  I painted it on one jar and pounced it with a sponge pouncer on another.  If you don’t want the frost effect get the clear medium

Paint an Undercoat

Using a scruffy brush or a sponge pouncer pounce on a dark purple.  In the video I show one base painted in Violet Pansy and one in Perfect Purple.  Pounce in a rather circular pattern, this will lie beneath your petals. 

Let the base painted area dry.  

Paint Leaves for Violet Flowers

While the darker purple base coat is drying you can paint on the leaves.  Using Plaid FolkArt Enamel in Thicket and Fresh Foliage create small slider leaves on and around the edge using a #2 or #4 flat brush

New here and need help with the terms and strokes I use?  I have you covered. Find what you need at Basic Brush Strokes  and a full Leaf Painting Lesson is here. 

Paint Violet Flower Petals

With a #4 or #2 flat brush paint on the petal strokes in a flower shape as in the photo below.  

Begin with the darker purple(Perfect Purple or Violet Pansy) around the edge of the base painted area.  Only paint a portion of the flower, as in 2 or 3 petals.  These will be overlapped by the next petals, so no need to paint full flowers yet. 

Keep painting petals, as you come towards the center start adding the Light Lavender to your brush to lighten the color and begin to create full petal flowers. 

Don’t worry if you feel the flowers are not distinctive enough.  We are going for an effect.  If you want to lighten the color even more add some Wicker White to your brush with the Light Lavender

Paint the Details for your Violet Flowers on Glass

Let the petals dry so the next step will go more smoothly.  If the paint is still too wet it will pull up and create frustration for you. 

With a script liner or with a stylus dot on the violet flower centers. You can use the Fresh Foliage as I have here or you can use a pretty yellow or the Wicker White

 Be judicious with this step, less is more.  You can add more if you don’t have enough but you can’t take away if you have too many. 

Some of the dots are on the 3 petal flower portions in the background creating an illusion of a full flower. 

This next step is optional, with a script liner and some Fresh Foliage mixed with some Flow Medium, create thin vines streaking off to the sides.  Mine did not turn out thin enough, I should’ve swapped out to a smaller script liner but you get the idea.

This entire tutorial is aimed at helping the beginner glass painter to get familiar with the feel of glass painting. It is a bit different than painting on other surfaces.  The more you paint the easier it will become for you.  


Plaid FolkArt Enamels Paints
Fresh Foliage
Perfect Purple
Violet Pansy
Light Lavender
Flow Medium

You can find these at your local hobby store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby and also at Plaid Online

To make the paint more durable on glass please visit this post, towards the end is instructions for curing your pieces. 

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Hand painted jars with flowers with text overlay, Step by step paint flowers on glass, pamelagroppe.com

Happy Painting!

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I wish you Happy Painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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  1. Thank you so much for instructions for painting violets! Your violets are so very real looking! Pamela, you are truly a very talented gal … Thanks again.

  2. Pamela do you coat your painting on glass with anything or do you bake it in the oven? What keeps the paint from coming off during handwashing or just handling the object?
    Thank you for sharing!
    Mary Lou Vickrey

  3. Thank you so much for posting your painting lessons. I used to do decorative painting many years ago and now in my retirement I am trying to pick it up again. I look forward to trying all of your lessons and again, thank you so much for posting

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