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Lettering – Paint Fall wood signs with Pumpkins and Cotton Bolls

Paint the lettering on your pumpkin and cotton bolls Fall sign.

The pattern for this DIY sign is available below at the end of this post along with a full length step by step video.

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Feel free to use different wording if you like or find a stencil that will fit. I have an entire lesson on creating wording for signs here.

Transfer the lettering to your wood signs

Start by transferring the word pattern to your sign.

Place the pattern on the surface and lay it out how you wish the words to display.

I had them at an angle.

Happy Fall lettering pattern to transfer to diy sign

Since both words are on one piece of paper just first transfer the word Happy.

Then move to where you wish the place the word Fall.

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transferring happy fall lettering to diy sign with white graphite paper

Paint Happy Fall lettering

Remove pattern and load the brush pen with inky black paint. I have found the Ceramcoat black to flow the best in lettering for me.

For painting the lettering I have learned that these brush pens work great. You don’t put the water in them as if you are painting water colors but you load them like a regular brush.

Tap here to see Brush Pen

painting on happy fall lettering with watercolor brush pen

In the video you see how I press to make lines fatter and lift as I stroke to create thinner lines.

I am at a wonky angle so my lettering is worse than normal in the video but you get the idea.

Don’t like lettering? Here is a nice stencil that should work great for this sign! There are two sizes, choose which suits your sign best.

Correct painting mistakes

I am the queen of mistakes so I have plenty of practice in correcting them. I show you how I do it in the video.

Basically I have plenty of cotton swabs on hand. They make it easier to clean up your little messy bits.

Fixing mistake on happy fall lettering for diy sign

Add highlighting to lettering

This next step is optional but I like adding a bit of spark with highlighting or shadowing the lettering.

In this instance I am using Wicker White painted along the portions of the right side of the lettering.

adding highlights to happy fall sign lettering

Finish Happy Fall sign

Once the lettering is complete and dry then it is time to seal and frame your sign. Both the Seal your sign and frame it posts are coming soon.

happy fall sign with text, check out vidoes for how to seal and frame your sign

Here is a link to the pattern.

Step by step video

fall diy sign with text overlay, DIY fall sign, easy step by step, pamela groppe art, downloadable pattern available

Happy Fall Painting!

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