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Paint a Rooster on Fall Truck

Paint a rooster on the Fall Truck painting for an added detail. Or add it to any painting for fun.

Paint a rooster on your Fall truck for an added fun detail. My original Fall Vintage Truck painting that I painted for myself had a rooster on it but my tutorial was already so long that I decided it should be a stand alone lesson. Here it is….

So now you can add this fun little rooster to your Fall Truck painting.

Rooster painted on Fall Truck


Liner Brush
#10 Flat Brush (or brush you find comfy for size of area)

Plaid Folk Art Paints
Burnt Umber
Yellow Ocher
Daffodil Yellow or Moon Yellow
Engine Red (red of choice)
Alizarin Crimson

Paint a Rooster on a Fall Vintage Truck

Rooster painted on Fall Truck

An easy step by step painting tutorial of a Rooster. Paint a Rooster on your vintage Fall Truck with pumpkins painting! A farmhouse detail that makes this painting even more fun.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Additional Time 10 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Plaid Folk Art Paint:
  • Licorice Black
  • Burnt Umber
  • Engine Red
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Yellow Ocher
  • Daffodil Yellow
  • Teal
  • Linen


  • #10 flat brush
  • #2 Liner brush (both available in the Plaid Folk Art Donna Dewberry Brush set)
  • Graphite paper
  • Surface of choice


  1. Transfer pattern to surface
  2. Using liner brush and Engine Red paint rooster wattle, comb and face.
  3. Use flat brush with Licorice to paint lower body.
  4. Using chisel edge of flat brush stroke on tail feathers lifting at the end of the stroke to create pointed ends
  5. Using liner brush and Yellow Ocher paint on beak and legs.
  6. Using either the liner or flat brush paint the neck and upper body with Burnt Umber
  7. Recoat beak and legs with Yellow Ocher to make it more opaque.
  8. Recoat comb, wattle and face with Engine red to make more opaque.
  9. Using Linen and the flat brush stroke some highlights onto the neck feathers
  10. Side load flat with Linen and create an arc for a wing on his lower body
  11. Add some highlights to the tail with Linen and flat brush
  12. Add Teal to the neck and tail feathers, if you need add a touch of Licorice to your brush to get it to blend.
  13. Highlight comb, wattle and face with Alizarin Crimson
  14. Use Licorice and the tip of the liner to put a small dot on his face for an eye.
  15. Highlight legs and beak with Daffodil yellow


These are the colors I used, you are welcome to swap out with what you have or you can make him any kind of rooster. A Buff Orpington would be fabulous on this painting.

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Transfer Pattern of Rooster

You will begin by transferring your pattern to the painting of the Fall Truck with Pumpkins.

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Rooster pattern transferred to surface

You can paint him on the side of the truck, as I did, or you can have him standing on a pumpkin.

Paint Rooster Comb, Wattle and Face

Using Engine Red and a liner brush or small round, paint in the roosters comb, wattle and face area. This will be the first coat, you will need to paint this again to get it opaque.

Paint the roosters comb, wattle and face with Engine Red

Paint Rooster Body

Using the flat brush and Licorice paint in the body. Just fill it in.

Add the roosters tail with chisel strokes of the flat brush

Rooster Tail

Using the flat brush on the chisel edge and Licorice paint on the roosters tail.

Not sure what I mean by chisel edge? See post below:

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Beak and Legs

Use the liner brush with Yellow Ocher and paint on the legs and the beak. Be delicate to keep the beak small. Even if it does not stand out now, don’t worry, we will come back and put on another coat.

Paint beak and legs on rooster with liner and Yellow Ocher

Paint Rooster Neck and Upper Body

Using Burnt Umber and the flat brush on chisel edge stroke in the feathers on the upper portion of the rooster.

Start just below the red face area and work down leaving spiky ends that overlap the black body.

If you need to switch to the liner to get around the red face area then feel free to switch over to it to get into the tiny areas.

Using burnt umber paint the upper body and neck of the rooster.

Recoat beak and legs

Using the liner brush and Yellow Ocher go back over the legs and beak to make them brighter to stand out more.

Recoat the legs and beak with yellow ocher to make more opaque

Add highlights

Load the flat brush with Burnt Umber and Linen, stroke on highlights with the chisel edge of the brush.

Overlap as you did with the Burnt Umber alone.

Using linen and the flat brush add highlights to the neck and upper body of the rooster

Go over the red areas again with Engine Red.


Still using the Linen, side load the flat brush and paint an arc to mimic a wing. If you get it to stark just paint a bit of black over to blend it in a bit.

Paint rooster wing with a side load of Linen using an arc motion

Tail Highlights

We are still using Linen and the flat brush. Stroke some highlights onto the tail feathers with the chisel edge of the brush.

Add highlights to tail feather with Linen and flat brush

Final details

Using the same technique add some teal to the tail feathers and neck area. If you get too much just add black to your brush and mute the brightness.

Add in the teal to the feathers on the neck and tail

Using the tip of a liner or the tip of an ink pen dot in a black eye.

To brighten up the beak stroke Daffodil Yellow or Moon Yellow on the top and along the front of the leg.

Highlight the comb, wattle and face with a touch of Alizarin Crimson. On the comb add it along the top, for the face highlight in the middle and the wattle in the middle also.

Rooster painted on Fall Truck

And now you have a sweet little rooster added to your Fall Truck painting.

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He does add such a fun detail!

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