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How to Paint Strawberries

An easy, step by step how to paint strawberries lesson for beginners to experienced painters. Create a DIY strawberry sign or use it in a still life.

This how to paint strawberries lesson was so much fun to work on. I love how the little pallet plank turned out. It would be so easy to turn this into a DIY farmhouse cottage sign or leave it as is.

hand painted strawberries on small plank with text overlay, How to Paint Strawberries, easy step by step painting lesson

This first video is a condensed version of the one at the bottom of this post. If you want more detail and instruction be sure to watch that one too.

Supplies: (most should be available at your local Michaels, JoAnns or Hobby Lobby or check online at PlaidOnline

Graphite Paper
Pallet Plank
Folk Art Acrylics
Citrus Green
Cardinal Red
Engine Red
Berry Wine
Wicker White
Optional Colors
Pale Yellow
Real Brown or Burnt Umber

I have an entire post on Basic Strokes that you may find helpful here

Start with a strawberry drawing

A printable pattern is available in the Library. If you are already a subscriber to this blog you do not need to fill out anything. The email you get from me has your password in it.

If you wish to subscribe and get access to all the free patterns, including this one click here.

In this example I just sketched in my strawberry for placement but you can transfer the pattern.

Here is how I transfer patterns, tap here.

Paint Strawberry Leaves

Next paint in the strawberry leaves. This is optional as you can add them later if you prefer. In the long version of the video posted at the end of this article you will see me painting them on after the strawberries.

Use the #12 flat brush, Thicket and Citrus Green double loaded on brush. Create a scallop shaped leaf. (for a full post with more on leaves visit here)

Undercoat strawberry painting

Undercoating with white helps to keep the board pattern showing through the red. Many reds are typically not opaque in acrylics so undercoating on dark or uneven surfaces helps them be bright and even.

Just fill in the design with white.

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Paint Layers of Reds

With the #12 flat brush double load with the Cardinal Red and Engine Red. Stroke around the strawberry laying down the reds. Cardinal to the outside edge and Engine Red to the inside.

Let the first layer dry, the go over the berry again but add a touch of Berry Wine to the Cardinal Red. (In the long video I use a touch of Dioxazine Purple)
Let dry.

Paint Strawberry Hull Leaves

Load the #6 flat brush with Thicket and Citrus Green. Paint the small slider leaves at the top of the strawberry.

You can double load the colors from the beginning…
or you can do one coat in Thicket only. Tthen once that is dry coat over the hull leaves with a double load of Thicket and Citrus Green

With the #6 flat brush on the chisel edge stroke in the stem. You can also use a liner.

Paint the Strawberry Seeds

Switch to a liner brush and double load with the Thicket and Citrus Green. Very lightly tap in the small seeds following the contour of the strawberry shape.

painting on strawberry seeds,

Let it dry and you are done. Step back and see if you wish to add anything else or touch up any strawberries.

You can easily add lettering to make this into a sign in the space above the painted strawberries.

Long version video

I hope you enjoy painting strawberries!

If you love shortcake with your berries I have a recipe for you! Tap here to check it out.

Happy Painting!

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Please enjoy and share!

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