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Painting Black-Eyed Susans in a Basket

This lesson is about painting Black-Eyed Susans in a basket. This is part of a series of lessons for you to fill a beautiful basket painted in acrylics.

This lesson has us working on the Black-Eyed Susans in the basket. Easy flowers you can paint in a few moments. A printable supply list is at the end of this post.

Painted Black Eyed susans in a basket in acrylics

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Supplies for Painting Black Eyed Susans

Plaid Folk Art Paint

Sketch or Transfer Pattern

Sketch in where you want the flowers on your surface. You can barely make out where I drew them in using a watercolor pencil between the blue flowers.

faint sketch of black eyed susans in a basket

Background Foliage

Dilute the color of the Thicket with Glazing medium or Floating medium. Using the #12 flat brush on the chisel edge stroke in some faint stems and greenery.

Paint faint stems in green with a flat brush and thinned paint

Tamp in more feathery foliage with a sponge or scruffy brush, dipped in Thicket green and Fresh Foliage. Keep it light and airy.

Tamp back over the green in areas with Wicker or Titanium White. Again, keep it light and airy.

Sponging in some soft green paint to provide background for flowers

Black Eyed Susan Centers

Using Real Brown or Burnt Umber paint in the dark centers. Use the size brush that you feel comfortable with. Just get the form in, we will come back and work on them more later.

Black eyed susan centers painted in dark brown

Paint Flower Petals

We will undercoat the petals with Yellow Ocher and a #10 flat brush. Just pull the petal towards the center with a long petal stroke. Start on the chisel edge, press, and lift as you stroke toward the brown center.

Some petals along the side or shorter.

base coat flowers with yellow ocher color

Brighten up the Petals

Using Daffodil Yellow and the #10 flat or brush of choice, paint over the Yellow Ocher.

Don’t try to cover the Yellow Ocher completely. Just create Daffodil Yellow strokes over them.

add layer of brighter yellow paint color to flower petals


Go back over the centers with the dark brown color of choice. You may have gotten some yellow into them and now we clean them up.

Using black and the corner of your brush put a dab in the centers creating a divot.

restate black eyed susan centers and create divot in center for detail with a darker brown or black paint

Using the Thicket and Fresh Foliage add a few more leaves. Daisy leaves are heavily serrated.

basket of flowers with text overlay, adding more flowers to the basket painting, pamela groppe art

Next, we will work on our Daisies!

Yield: 1

Paint Black Eyed Susans in a Basket

Painted Black Eyed susans in a basket in acrylics

Paint Black Eyed Susans in a basket filled with flowers. A beginner friendly painting tutorial in acrylics.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Additional Time 10 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Plaid Folk Art Acrylic Paint
  • Thicket
  • Fresh Foliage
  • Yellow Ocher
  • Daffodil Yellow
  • Wicker White
  • Burnt Umber or Real Brown
  • Black
  • Surface of choice


  • Donna Dewberry Brush Set with #12 flat, #10 Flat


  1. Gather supplies
  2. Follow instructions in blog post or on video.
  3. Paint and enjoy!


You are welcome to use paint colors you have and to place flowers where you wish. This is your painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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