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Paint Background for Rooster in 10 minutes

Quick and easy background for a Rooster Painting. This is part of the 10, 20, 30 minutes to paint series, the Rooster. Join us and learn to paint in minutes a day.

This is the 2nd lesson in the Rooster painting. First we gessoed our canvas’ for a better result and now we will take 10 minutes to paint a simple background.

For an explanation of what the series, 10, 20, 30 minutes is about just click here to read and watch.

We will be using a 11″ x 14″ canvas for this painting.

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A quick note, the time for this is for actual painting and not clean up. Always allow time to clean your brushes well.

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Colors to paint Background for Rooster painting

The colors chosen for this background are Plaid FolkArt Multi-Surface Prussian Blue and Wicker White. Optional colors you can add to tone are Warm White or Linen. But that is completely up to you and not a necessity.

I use the Richesons Grey Matters Palette Paper to lay out my paint.

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paint on Grey Matters paper

Practice on Mixed Media Pad for color choices

This is a bit of extra info. Use a Canson Mixed Media Pad to test out color choices if you wish to paint a different background color.

In the video, I made to go with this lesson I share how you can utilize something like this to get an idea of how to practice colors, strokes, and more.

practice colors on Mixed Media Pad

Begin Background Painting for Rooster

Using the 3/4″ inch Brush, load with Prussian blue, start in one corner of the canvas and stroke in the paint.

Prussian Blue on corners to begin painting background

Add more white as you work towards the center. Don’t worry about being perfect! This is the background and not the star of the show.

If you get it too light on the corner then wipe out your brush and load only with Prussian Blue and go over the corner again. As you paint go around the edges with the color. (this lets you choose to NOT frame it if you wish)

prussian blue and white mixed as painting towards center

Blend the Background for the Rooster painting

Since we are working fairly quickly the paint stays wet and should blend easily. I will include video link at the end of this article so you can see it in action.

If you find the paint beginning to become tacky and lift then stop, let it dry, then continue on. This can happen if it is very dry or hot in your painting area. Don’t worry, it will work fine, it is just the nature of acrylic paint.

The beauty of acrylics is it dries fast but that can also be a curse. As you continue on your painting journey you will get a feel for it.

Blend prussian blue with white to graduate colors of background of rooster painting

Just remember, if you absolutely hate it when you are done, walking away and coming back can give you a fresh perspective. I have been ready to toss many a painting because of being unsatisfied with how it is working out but when I walk away and come back later I see that I was wrong and continue forward with great success.

Background for Rooster painting is complete!

Let the background dry well. This can be in a few hours, or a few minutes. If you want to keep going to the next section quickly then use a blow dryer to speed drying time.

Finished background for Rooster painting

Watch the video for a step by step…

link to youtube video paint rooster background

Now you are ready to proceed to the next step: Transferring your Design

Paint Background for Rooster in 10 minutes

Finished background for Rooster painting

Easy background painting tutorial for the Rooster painting in the 10, 20, 30 minutes to paint series. Perfect for beginner painters with little time.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • 11" x 14" gallery-wrapped canvas
  • Plaid Folk Art Paint:
  • Prussian Blue
  • Wicker White


  • Donna Dewberry One Stroke Brush set


  1. Start with a gessoed canvas
  2. Load paint onto palette paper
  3. Using 3/4" brush paint Prussian Blue only onto first corner of canvas
  4. Add Wicker white as you work/stroke towards center, going from darker to lighter
  5. Begin from opposite corner then same way, Prussian blue, then adding white as working towards center
  6. Stroke quickly to blend colors
  7. DO NOT over blend, you want striations of color
  8. Paint sides of canvas along the way
  9. Let dry


    You can choose your own colors, green, gray or brown. Choose something that will be a good contrast or complement to the colors in the Rooster himself.

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    Happy Painting!

    For all the lessons for Painting the Rooster just press here

    Please enjoy and share!

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