How to Paint Carnations using a Round Brush

Learn How to Paint Carnations using a Round Brush one easy stroke at a time. This lesson is beginner friendly and so easy to create that you will feel like an artist right out of the box. Carnations are a favorite of mine and painting them is as fun as growing them!

How to paint carnations using a round brush will take you step by step, layer by layer to create these beautiful flowers.  

Beautiful hand painted carnation with text overlay, How to paint a carnation, pamelgroppe.com

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A full length video is available at the end of this post.  The first video is a sped up version for anyone in a hurry who just wants an overview. 
Supply list available at end of post. 

Get started painting Carnations using a round brush.

1.Load your round brush with Burgundy and a very, very slight touch of black.
2. Set your loaded round brush on your surface and fan out the bristles by twisting the handle making the semi circle.

start to paint a carnation with round brush, pamelagroppe.com

3. Push the brush forward, letting the bristles create a jagged edge along the top of the arc.

painting a carnation with round brush, pamelagroppe.com

4. Drag your brush back and to a point aiming for a invisible center (meaning you have a spot in mind you are aiming for.  Here I am aiming towards the stem)

Keep doing this until you have 5 back petals.
Five petals started on painting a carnation with a round brush, pamelagroppe.com

Second Layer of Petals

5. Load your brush with a lighter color of red (Alizarin Crimson or Fuchsia) or the Burgundy with white instead of black. 

6. Make a second layer of petals, this row will have 3 petals in it.
Do the same stroke and start the petal far enough down so as not to obliterate the back layer.

Second layer of petals painting a carnation with a round brush, pamelagroppe.com

Paint Last Petal

7. Paint the last petal, right in the center.  This one should be the lightest for great contrast.

Stem & Calyx

8.  Double load your round brush with Evergreen and Foliage Green.

9. Add the stem and calyx to finish it off.  Use an S stroke to encase the lower part of the flower.  At the starting point of the bottom of the calyx,  start on the point of the brush, pull up, press to create a wider center and lift to a point for the center portion of the calyx.  (see video please)

Painting the calyx and stem on carnation, pamelagroppe.com

There you have how to paint carnations using a round brush!  The video will clear up any confusion you may have so be sure to watch it,  it is a mere 7 minutes!

hand painted carnation using a round brush, pamelagroppe.com



Painting surface
Acrylic Craft paints: (these are what I used in this lesson, you can use what colors you have)
DecoArt Americana:
Alizarin Crimson
Titanium White
Foliage Green
#4 Round Brush
Happy Painting!

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