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10, 20, 30 Minutes to Paint

Is finding the time the number one thing holding you back from learning to paint? I understand! This new painting series is my way of helping you to make the time. Painting is a wonderful way to relax and destress from life’s ups and downs. You deserve to do something for yourself even if it is for a few moments each day.

Carving out time for a creative outlet is hard to do. So many other things compete for your attention and they are crucial things! But taking time for yourself is important too and can help you maintain mental and emotional balance.

This new series I am creating is for you. We will do an entire painting together in small increments of time. We will begin with a lovely painting of a Rooster.

How this series will help you

Each step that leads to a successful painting will be broken down into bite-size pieces. The videos will be on YouTube and free for everyone. It will seem less overwhelming when you know a segment is 10 minutes or less.

I will also have the series available to download in my shop. The downloadable version will be available for a modest price and will include the printable workbook with photos and instructions. I know this is handy for many that have a harder time streaming videos because of poor internet connections.

In the video on YouTube I explain it all and how you can benefit. Create a space for yourself to sit down and paint, or how you can safely paint at your dining table.

My goal is to make each video around 10 minutes or less though some may run up to 20 minutes.

I hope this series will help you get started painting and enjoying yourself in the process. Please let me know if this is helpful at all for you rather than the longer, all-in-one painting lesson videos. I will need to know if I should continue preparing lessons in this way or if I am wasting my time.

At some point, I will most likely also put the videos all together to be done in one sitting as well so if you prefer that method of painting it will be available for you.

Here is the video for you as I talk you through what the plan is and how it will help you.

Happy Painting!

Next in Series: Gesso your Canvas, YES even if it comes gessoed!
Paint Rooster Background
Transfer Rooster Pattern (pattern available for download)
Painting Rooster Comb, Wattle and Legs

Please enjoy and share!

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  1. I thank you for doing these mini videos. Personally, I have the time but my attention span is limited. I work with smaller increments the hour-long tutorials are great for some but for those of us who fall into the span of smaller time spans it will be great to try. Thanks, Mrs. Teresa Simms.

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