Paint Beautiful Daisies Workbook & Tutorial

Paint Beautiful Daisies Workbook & Tutorial. An easy photo workbook showing you all the steps to create this rustic painting. From each stroke to shading and highlighting to bring it to life.

I created Paint Beautiful Daisies workbook and video tutorial to help you take your painting to the next level. A full on lesson is too photo intensive to do in a blog post so I am working on creating workbooks and longer video lessons that you can download and use over and over again.  I will still share my easy, free painting tutorials here on PGA (aka: pamela groppe art.  I know so many find it helpful, especially when just getting started.

Daisy painting on wood with text, Paint Beautiful Daisies on easy step at a time

What makes the workbooks and new downloadable videos different from my free online tutorials?

The courses offer more in depth and detailed painting instruction that will help you grow in your painting skills.  Plus the videos will be downloadable for you to save to your computer and you can view them even when you do not have internet access.  The videos are broken up into sections that make it easier to find your place if you have to pause and come back to finish at another time.

Along the way I always encourage you to embrace your own personal style and not to sweat that your outcome may not exactly look like mine.  Being unique is a very good thing!

The workbook is a stand alone product that you can purchase alone if you do not wish to have the video portion. In the workbook I will show you in photos each step in the painting.

Painting a daisy, adding shadows, Paint Beautiful Daisies workbook and tutorial

Painting along with this course is so easy it makes it fun to expand on your painting skills and you get the simple satisfaction of an entire lovely painting once completed.

The beauty of the pattern is you can go many ways with it.

Use it for a horizontal design instead of vertical. Use it with other flowers for a meadow scene. Limitations do not exist, if you can imagine it then paint it!

Get the Workbook HERE!

Daisy being painting, Paint Daisies Workbook

The video course includes the workbook to use along with each video lesson.  The videos have the benefit of showing how my brush moves to create each element.

I hope you enjoy this more in depth painting tutorial.  I am developing many more courses, so stay tuned.

Click here to get more info on this workbook and the video tutorial.


Happy Painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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  1. Your paintings are so natural and ‘real’. I enjoy painting also; I don’t want to spend a lot of time on any one painting. It’s so much more fun to do something with easy natural strokes. Otherwise I tend to ‘overdo it’, ending up with a busy mess. Thanks for your pretty ideas and painting lessons. Love the natural boards.

    1. I am with you on not wanting to spend a lot of time on any one painting. I too can get carried away and overdo it. I have to repeat to myself that “less is more”, walk away, then come back to see if it really does need any tweaking. Thank you so much.

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