Paint Sunflowers and Delphiniums

Create a beautiful painting of sunflowers and delphiniums.  Step by step video instructions along with a printable pattern. Paint this design on wood for a DIY rustic sign, or paint them on a canvas for unique wall art. 

When you paint sunflowers and delphiniums together you get some eye popping art with the complimentary colors.  I tried to keep this one looser and more impressionistic.

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hand painted sunflowers and delphiniums on wood board with text overlay, Paint sunflowers and delphiniums beginner friendly pattern and video

Painting Sunflowers and Delphiniums Workshop

I know you will love this new workshop I have ready for you. This workshop will teach you how to paint these Sunflowers and Delphiniums on a wood board to make a sign or rustic painting.

You are certainly welcome to paint it on a canvas and add other flowers you may have learned here at Pamela Groppe Art.

Paint it with your own touch

Personally, I think simple daisies would look really sweet added to this. Just a few to really add a pop of white.

hand painted daisy with text overlay, paint a simple daisy, pamela groppe art

I shared a sample video on YouTube of my practice for this and it was a hit so I know creating a step by step video tutorial was needed.

Sunflower painting workshop goes big

The step by step workshop is painted larger than the practice piece above but you can scale it as you wish. I also used some alternate colors I preferred for a more vibrant painting.

close up of sunflower and delphiniums painting on stained wood

What’s included in Sunflower workshop

Included in the workshop is a printable pattern and supply list so you can re-create this exact design.

These are for personal use only and I would appreciate them not being shared.

hand painted wood with sunflowers and delphiniums in acrylics, text overlay, painting workshop, pamela groppe art

Each video is under 20 minutes long and easily breaks down each step.
Here is a quick look at some of the titles of some of the segments:
Layout of Design
Painting Delphiniums
Paint Centers and first Petal Layers Sunflowers
Second Layer Petals
How to finish for years of enjoyment

For a step by step tutorial for Sunflowers visit this post.

Coming up soon on the site, some more helpful tips and tricks for creating fun paintings with a rustic vibe and fun garden signs!

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Thank you all for your support. All your purchases help me keep my free tutorials coming.

Happy Painting!

sunflower and delphiniums painting on wood board with text overlay, Paint Sunflowers and Delphiniums, pattern and video, Pamela Groppe Art

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