How to Paint Pumpkin Leaves in Acrylics

How to paint pumpkin leaves in acrylics is an easy step by step tutorial that shows you how beginner friendly this can be. Add beautiful, true to life pumpkin leaves to your pumpkin paintings!

You can paint pumpkin leaves in acrylic paint, one easy stroke at a time. I have two, very popular painting tutorials on how to paint pumpkins and I had a request from a reader on painting pumpkin leaves to complement them.
Here is How to Paint White Pumpkins & How to Paint Orange Pumpkins.

Pumpkin leaves being painted with text overlay. How to Paint Pumpkin Leaves

The pattern is available in my subscribers Resource Library. Fill out form below to gain access.  If you are already a subscriber just head to the library and download your pattern.

Transfer Pattern

Using graphite paper and the pattern transfer the design to your surface. You can shrink or enlarge the pattern to suit your needs.

Leaf pattern on painting surface, How to Paint Pumpkin Leaves

Now you have an easy edge to follow and can keep your leaf in check.

Start Painting

Double load your paint brush with your dark green and light green color. (for basic painting instructions that include how to double load visit this page)

In this lesson I used FolkArt Thicket & Fresh Foliage with a 3/4 inch Flat Brush that comes in the multi-pack

painting a pumpkin leaf in folk art acrylic paints

Follow along with pattern line, in this shot I had my Thicket on the outside edge. I pressed my brush down, wiggled and let it spring back to a chisel edge at the point of the leaf.

painting a pumpkin leaf in folk art acrylic paints

Then I slide my brush back towards the center.  Wiggle it up towards the top…

painting a pumpkin leaf in folk art acrylic paints

and slide to a point on the chisel edge.

Paint the other side of the leaf in the same manner.

painting a pumpkin leaf in folk art acrylic paints

Add the last Detail

If you need to you can do a second coat for more opacity.  Or just bring up the stem on the chisel edge of your brush.

painting a pumpkin leaf in folk art acrylic paints

Alternate way to Paint Pumpkin Leaves

Another way you can do it is to simply fill in the leaf shape pattern in one color, here it is the dark green..

painting a pumpkin leaf in folk art acrylic paints

Two coats will make it opaque or solid, then add some highlights with the lighter color.

Play around with it and enjoy the process. Let go of the need to be perfect!

Paint a leaf then walk away. Come back to it and see if you need to tweak it or let it be.  Walking away can give you perspective and help you either accept it as is or reveal to you what needs changing.

The video will come in handy in creating these leaves.
Want the printable pattern, fill out this form. If you already subscribe then go directly to the Resource Library and use your password!

Happy Painting!

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