Paint Lavender and Monarchs on Glass Workshop is Ready!

I can’t believe it is finally done.  There was a lot of hiccups along the way.  A husband nearly cutting off his left fingers, a new program to learn and some video snafu’s but I made it through and you are going to be painting butterflies before you know it!

click here to go directly to the course How to Paint Lavender and Monarchs on Glass

This workshop is a detailed step by step video intensive lesson on painting these lovely Monarch butterflies and lavender.  It starts with how to prep your glass, what paints and brushes you need and ends with a step by step photo tutorial e-Book you can download.  The e-Book has a pattern at the end for you to print and use.

Imagine painting up some glasses as a special wedding gift, anniversary present, you can even add names to personalize or maybe a bottle of wine to go with the glasses. You can also sell painted glass ware at craft fairs. (very popular).

If you want only the photo tutorial e-Book you can get that here: Painting Lavender and Monarchs e-Book.  This is a digital file you can download and print, no physical item will be sent to you. (to be clear, this e-Book comes with the Workshop, so don’t buy it separately if you buy the workshop)

This workshop is easy enough for the beginning painter.

CLICK HERE to purchase the workshop now.

Happy Painting!

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Learn to paint monarchs and lavender on glass. An easy to learn technique that even beginners can do successfully!

Please enjoy and share!

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  1. Hi Pamela! I just purchased your Lavender & Monarchs on Glass workshop. I have a question to ask…..Once I have marked ‘completed’ on each workshop section, will I still be able to return and listen to or watch them over again if I need to?
    Thank you so much! I am really looking forward to starting my workshop and eager to start painting! Can’t wait to see what your next workshop is going to be!

    1. Hi Annie! Thank you so much and you can access the workshop as many times as you want for as long as you want. Marking off a completed is more of something for you to keep track with.

  2. Beautifully done. Pamela! Your production and presentation is most attractive. I’ll definitely share this with my vast list of friends. I wish you well

  3. Hi Pamela!

    I’d like to purchase the Lavender & Monarchs on Glass workshop, but need to know if this is a video that I would download once and then can watch over and over. I do not have unlimited data with my internet service so need to decide whether to order the workshop or the e-book. Thanks!

  4. Hi Pamela,,once again sitting at my kitchen table practicing the roses on glass,,,I think that is the most beautiful rose,,in my opinion,, that you have painted,,,and if I have to practice til I’m 80,,I will learn to paint that rose!!You might say roses have been a thorn in my side for years,,,just cant seem to make it right,,but the way you teach is suitable to my slow pace,,so I’m confident I’ll get it. GOT MY BRUSHES,,PAINTS ETC,,HERE i GO AGAIN,,WISH ME LUCK,,LOL

    1. You will master it, Dolores. You are doing what I did when I wanted to get it down, practicing and learning each time. I wish you wonderful success. 🙂

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