How to Paint Lavender in Acrylics

How to Paint lavender in acrylics is an easy, step by step painting tutorial that even a beginner can do. Join me in painting lavender one stroke at a time.

You are going to love learning how to paint lavender in acrylics. Painting lavender is as easy as it is pretty.  Simple strokes added together make this painting come together in no time. How to paint lavender is a beginner painting tutorial that everyone will enjoy. Since this uses very few colors it is also a great on the budget.

How to paint Lavender one stroke at a time in acrylics, easy and fun. #painting #acrylics #art #crafts

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Start with stems.  Load your #12 flat brush with Thicket and Fresh foliage, drag your brush to make the stems, lead with the lighter green.

How to Paint Lavender stems


Add chisel stroke petals for the leaves. These are also done with thicket and fresh foliage double loaded on your brush. (Go here for a tutorial on double loading) Start your stroke on the chisel edge and press as you pull and then release pressure when you come to the stem.

How to Paint Lavender

Alternate leading with the dark green and light green. The trailing color will be predominate.  Switching back and forth between which color is leading will give your painted design more interest.

How to Paint Lavender leaves

Paint leaves along the stems, leaving gaps here and there.

How to Paint Lavender leaves and leaves

Lavender Buds

With a #8 flat brush, double load with Lavender and Wicker White.  Using the same chisel petal stroke create the lavender flower with collection of buds, again alternating the color leading, until you have it as you like.

How to Paint Lavender top buds

The top will be narrower than the base of the flower.

How to Paint Lavender buds on top of stem

Come back in with your # 8 brush double loaded with the greens and bring in some small chisel leaves between the buds.

How to Paint Lavender bud leaves


Create the calyx at the base by stroking on 3 or 4 chisel strokes in a fan shape all meeting at the stem.

How to Paint Lavender buds calyx

Now add lavender buds all along the stems, tucking them in where the leaves meet the stem.

How to Paint Lavender side stems

If you wish you can add more green chisel strokes by the lavender buds (this is shown in the video), but it isn’t necessary.

How to Paint Lavender

Before you know it you will have a lovely painting of lavender to enjoy!

How to Paint Lavender, an easy painting tutorial step by step.


For a complete list of my standard supplies I use with most every painting CLICK HERE

Plaid FolkArt Acrylics
Wicker White
Fresh Foliage

#12 Flat
#8 Flat

Canson MultiMedia tablet

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  

Want to watch the video on YouTube? Go Here

Happy Painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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