Paint a Beautiful Beach Scene

Paint a beach

How to Paint a Beach

Do you need some beach time?  If you can’t pack up and take off for a beach getaway then paint yourself there. (for another Beach Scene painting click here: Paint a Sunset Beach)

This video is easy to follow and before you know it you will have a fun little painting to share.

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I painted this on a 5.5″ x 5.5″ pine board but you can easily paint this on a canvas instead.

5 x 5 canvas
12 flat
Scruffy (sea sponge is optional)

DecoArt Americana Titanium White or FolkArt Wicker White
FolkArt Licorice Black
FolkArt True Blue
FolkArt Thicket
FolkArt Burnt Umber
DecoArt Americana Bleached Sand

The video is so much better than a photograph step by step but I may add that down the line when I get the chance.

No matter how many you paint they will always be unique.  You can mix up the colors for different moods, make it grayer for a stormy day or even make the beach snowy.

Paint a Beach

Do you want to learn how to paint with me? 

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  1. Thank Pamela. I have a hard time with painting specially with oil (aqua). But this is such a good
    idea. You are wonderful!

  2. I just painted this today on a 12×12 canvas. I’ve never painted before so this was a challenge. Pretty happy with the results. I’ll paint another one with improvements. Thank you for this easy to follow tutorial.

  3. Actually I painted this on cardboard. I wanted to cover up my fireplace for the summer since i live in Laughlin Nevada and the weather is 120 degrees. so I thought a beach scene would be cooling to look at. I didnt use the exact colors but it turned out well. i am not an artist and this was a very easy way to learn.

    thank you

    I hope you have more

    1. What a wonderful idea. It is great that you did not feel you had to use the exact colors, so many get caught up in having exactly the same thing when the ocean, sky and even sandy beaches can be so different depending on location, time of day etc. Thank you for sharing!

  4. This was fun! I was intending on buying a painting to gift one of my close friends but I came across this and voila I am a painter now!! Haha this tutorial was neat and easy. Thank you

  5. This was my very first solo painting attempt tonight. Never painting before in my life prior to attending a “Paint Night” event with some friends a few weeks back. I have ZERO creativity, but found this tutorial very fun and easy to follow. Really am happy with my results and getting lots of great compliments on it! Thank you so much for taking the time to instruct us on how to make such lovely art! <3

  6. How long do you need to.let each layer/color dry before going to the next color? I will probably use canvas.

    1. If you use a blow dryer each layer takes mere minutes to dry. If you let it air dry many factors play a part, like air temperature, humidity and air movement.
      I hope this helps.

  7. What an excellent tutorial. You make it look so easy! I definitely have to try this. Thank you for writing the colors in.

  8. This is a great tutorial ! I plan on using this to paint my first beach scene. I will start small and then go larger .

    Thanks for the tip on reusing a canvas. I have a couple to do that with!

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