Learning Impressionism

Learning Impressonism

The term ‘Impressionist’ was first used as an insult in response to an exhibition of new paintings in Paris in 1874. A diverse group of painters, rejected by the art establishment, defiantly set up their own exhibition. They included Monet, Renoir, Pissarro and Degas.

Today, the Impressionist paintings are some of the best-known and best-loved in the collection. It takes a leap of the imagination for us to realize how radical the movement was considered in its day.

What characterizes Impressionism for most people nowadays, is both the subject matter and the technique. Landscapes, and scenes from modern urban and suburban life painted in bright, pure colors are typical.

I found the above quote to be so interesting.  Imagine those famous artists were disparaged by the art establishment of the day because they took a radical detour from what was considered ‘art’ at the time.

I have painted for 20 years now.  Decorative painting can tend to lean more towards a tighter, realistic type painting and though I never really adhered to realism I still need to loosen up.

So I am taking a couple impressionistic painting workshops and I am loving them!

I love the bright colors for the underpainting.  You can just tell already that it will be a feast for the eyes.

Learning Impressionism

When you come from another style of painting background you have to keep telling yourself not to get caught up in details, keep it loose.  Very loose.

Sometimes you really just want to stop at the under-painting, it just looks so juicy and colorful but you press on.

learning impressionistic painting

Next comes the opaques and we proceed cautiously.  You can easily kill the bright undertones if you get too heavy handed with opaques.  Before you know it your painting is done.

You will always not feel done when you really should walk away so the trick is to stop and leave it for a day then come back and you need to love it for all the imperfections.

Learning Impressionism

We are creating an illusion.

I hope you will join me here and enjoy my learning experiences of this new style (for me) of painting.

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Happy Painting!



Please enjoy and share!

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  1. Hi Pamela, your impressionistic style waiting is gorgeous. Looks like you have been doing that all your life. I love your other work, but wow you can paint anything girl and look how long you stayed with signs….. Love your work. Can’t wait to see more.

  2. Beautiful painting Pamela! You are one talented individual! Gardening, painting; You have all the bases covered.

  3. Pamela… I really have to try this. Your little write up has shown me how it is done. Thanks…. I’ve loved impressionism forever but never took a brush to canvas doing it. Looks like fun. So, non serious yet serious.

  4. So interesting to read this about the exactness of decorative painting and how you wanted to loosen up a bit. I have been feeeling the very same way but not sure what path to take. How did you find the classes? I love this sort of painting and it is exactly the direction I am ready to go. Very, very nice!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I found Nancy online. Nancy Medina Art online courses are worth the $$. I am loving every minute of them and I actually dove in and tried oils, which I am enjoying too.

  5. I love the impressionist style paintings. It tends to be my style. Keep us inspired please and thank you for sharing. Carla

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