Paint a Basket of Pansies on Canvas

Paint a Basket of Pansies on Canvas, a step by step tutorial with video. Easy enough for beginners and fun enough for everyone!

How to paint a basket of pansies on canvas! Invite some friends over and have a paint party, a fun easy floral everyone will enjoy.

Basket of Pansies acrylic painting with text overlay Paint a Basket of Pansies.

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It is finally here!
My step-by-step video of painting this Basket of Pansies.
There is a few faux pas along the way but I have been assured by many that they like me leaving those in the videos so they know things don’t always go smoothly for me and keeping it real.

You also get to experience the annoying habit I have of talking with my hands.
You see them waving about in the video way too often.
Sorry about that.

For a more in-depth step by step of how to paint the Pansies I have another post you can view:
How to Paint a Pansy

Here is the basket tutorial that takes you step by step on how to paint a wicker basket in acrylics.

easy painting ideas

How to Paint a Basket

Learn how easy it is to paint a basket. Perfect for floral paintings or even fruit.

Step by step lesson for beginners in acrylics.

Below is the original practice painting and the one I did in the video, as you can see, no two ever turn out exactly alike. So don’t expect yours to look just like mine. Just enjoy the process as you paint.

Feel free to swap out colors, maybe to match your decor or just for the hey of it.
Supply list:
16 x 20 wrapped canvas (Artist Loft at Michaels Crafts) or Art Alternatives
FolkArt Multi Surface Paint
Daffodil Yellow
Wicker White
Citrus Green
Real Brown
Pure Black or Licorice
Look at Me Blue
Paynes Grey or Burnt Umber for shadowing

Folk Art Floating Medium

DecoArt Americana:
Prussian Blue
Royal Majestic  in this set there is a 3/4 inch and the 10 flat can be used instead of 12 flat

Or use these Brushes

Brush Caddy  (a must for me in keeping my brushes clean and extending their longevity)
Loew Cornell White Nylon Brush set (backgrounds)


How to Paint a Basket of Pansies, a tutorial with video on canvas. Easy enough for beginners!

Happy Painting!

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Please enjoy and share!

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  1. I love the pansies, But it keeps bringing me here when I try to go to paint an Aspen or Birch tree.
    I’m moving home soon and the theme for my entrance hall is `The New Forest.’
    Each room will have a different tree on a canvas on the door, Bathroom is a photo of an oak tree in the rain,
    My Bedroom a 3D cherry tree, Kitchen an olive tree (not really found in The New Forest but the kitchen’s theme is Tuscany), Living room is a Silver Birch so I’d love to access your tutorial.

  2. Dear Pamela, love the way you paint.I love bright colors also.You see I have Parkinson~s Disease and I can not write sometime. I love your patterns,so i can use to paint by, .

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