Paint a Fall Welcome Sign

How to Paint a Fall Welcome Sign for your porch or DIY decor. Easy step by step painting instruction with pattern available. Make this fun Autumn inspired sign and display it with pride!

You can paint a Fall Welcome sign to usher in Autumn with style. Great for the front porch or inside for DIY decor.

Step by step painting tutorials for each design using my step by step lessons.

pumpkin, chickadee and leaves painted on wood sign

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Welcome Fall in a big way.  Here is sits on the front porch of my little Cottage studio.

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Paint a Huge Fall Welcome sign, an easy DIY with a PDF of the wording and access to free tutorials for the Fall designs to paint. FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

Prepare Board to Paint Fall Welcome Sign

Start with a six foot 1′ x 12″ pine board.

Sand it well then use the Rustic finish in 4 steps method to give it a well worn look before transferring the lettering.

Rustic Barnwood finish on DIY Fall Welcome sign

The pattern linked below has each of the elements drawn on it and to paint it just follow the directions of each painting tutorial for that design.


Sunflowers make a perfect Fall decor design. The bright sunny dispositions just bring a spark of joy. The link below takes you to the step by step of how to paint Sunflowers, step by step.

How to Paint Sunflowers

Painted sunflowers on DIY Welcome sign for Fall

Leaves & Chickadees

I added in Fall leaves further down along with some Chickadees.
How to Paint Fall Leaves  and How to Paint Chickadees

Paint fall leaves on DIY autumn inspired sign


In place of the O in Welcome I used a pretty orange pumpkin.
How to Paint a Pumpkin.

You can change out the colors of different elements as you see fit. For an example you can paint you pumpkins a pretty green or turn them into a Tiger Pumpkin!

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Paint Shadows to Create Dimension

The instructions on how to shadow is in the video for painting the pumpkin.
The lettering is in Black with a DecoArt Sky Grey for the shadowing

Orange pumpkin and chickadee painted on wood board for Fall Welcome sign

At the bottom I had thought to put a pile of pumpkins but went with more Sunflowers instead to balance out the design. 

Sunflowers and Autumn leaves on DIY Autumn Welcome sign

And Voila’ you have a fun Fall Welcome sign!

With all the different tutorials you can mix and match as you please for your own unique Welcome sign.

I taped the pages together in such a way as the letters were 2.5 inches apart when painted but you can space them as you wish.

Paint Fall Leaves

How to Paint Chickadees

Learn to Paint Orange Pumpkins

How to Paint Sunflowers

How to Paint Lettering

I finished it off with a few coats of Rustoleum Waterbased Spar Urethane (Exterior) to keep it lovely through many seasons. A link showing which one I use is just below.
For a full list of my most used painting supplies just go here Most Used Painting Supplies

Grab the DIY Fall Welcome sign Pattern

Grab the pattern and instructions with links to each designs lesson.

Happy Fall Painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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