easy How to Paint a Pansy in Acrylics

This how to paint a pansy in acrylics tutorial will take you step by step through this blue pansy painting. Great for beginner painters learning stroke work. Come paint an easy Pansy with me!

How to Paint a Pansy in Acrylics step by step, stroke by stroke for beginners.

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Learning to paint a pansy in acrylics is very rewarding.   I also have a tutorial on painting pansies on glass.  The basic stroke work is the same.  At the end of this post I have a link to another video that shows a fun variation on painting a pansy.

Need help with the Basic Brush Strokes? Go here to get all the details!

Back Petals

Double load your brush in your two colors.
The back petals are done in a scallop stroke, the next strokes will overlap these.  I started with the darker blue to the outside of the stroke and the lighter on the inside.

Step by step of how to paint a pansy, PamelaGroppe.com

Paint the second pansy back petal slightly overlapping the first using the same scallop stroke.

You can see how the wiggling of the brush creates a pattern in the paint and how the colors blend. (in the video you can see how I move my brush)

Sometimes I let these two petals dry so the colors don’t mix but in this case I just proceed on while still wet.
If you wish you can speed up drying time with a blow dryer.

Side Petals

Double load your brush and paint two more scallop petals. Notice how the lighter blue is now on the outside and the darker is on the inside.  This way the petals contrast with back petals.

Do both side petals.  See how the pansy is coming together?

Bottom Petal

The bottom petal is really two petals scallop strokes melded together into one, darker blue to the outside. You can do two separate scallop strokes to create the bottom petal, whichever is easy for you.


Add the center dot.  For this one I used white.  I have used green or even black but this time I wanted it to be white.
You can dot it in with the tail end of your brush, a stylus or a liner brush.

Paint Pansy Leaves

I wanted the center to dry a bit before adding more details. So I go on to something else while it dries.

Add the leaves, in the video I show how I get the rounded ends.  I use actual pansy leaves so I could be more accurate with the shape.  You can just paint any kind of leaves you want.

Another pansy leaf.

More Pansy Details

With the liner brush I add an upside down V over the white dot with a simple line stroke.

The whiskers I did not do a great job on here but you get the idea.  It was hard for me to be so far back (out of the camera) and do them justice.

I show how to do the buds in the video.

Completed pansy painting tutorial, How to paint a pansy lesson

And that is how you paint a simple pansy.

Here is some older videos on painting pansies.


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Here are some pansies in many colors.

Enjoy & Happy Painting!

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