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Paint Blue Flowers

Paint blue flowers in a basket, a beginner painting tutorial in acrylics. This is part 3 of a series to complete an easy painting step by step. A free video is linked at the end of this post.

Paint blue flowers in a basket one easy stroke at a time. This acrylic painting tutorial is part of the basket series of paintings done in 10 to 15 minutes at a time.

blue flower painting in a basket in acrylics on a crackled background of cream color

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  • Plaid FolkArt Paint
  • Ink Spot
  • Look at Me Blue
  • Cobalt Hue
  • Wicker White

Brushes (Donna Dewberry Brush Set)
#10 flat

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Paint blue flowers

To paint the blue flowers we will start from the top and work down the stem.

Double load your #10 flat brush with Cobalt Hue and Look at me Blue. Make a small upside-down U stroke to create a top petal.

You can flip the brush to create a different shade of petal. Note the difference between the petal on the right and then the one on the left. The left had the Look at Me Blue to the outside edge of the brush as the stroke was created.

When adding more petals down the stem make the petal strokes a bit ruffled on the outside edge by wiggling the brush as you stroke (the video linked at the end of this lesson will help you see it done)

painting a small petal at the top of a stem in blue

At the base of the stem paint a full flower or two.

More blue petals painted on the stem

Fill in by painting more blue flowers

On the next stem paint more blue flowers by double loading the #10 brush the same way but have the darker blue to the outside edge. Add a touch of Ink Spot to deepen the blue on some petals to add variety. Add different amounts of petals and try not to have each stem look the same.

paint darker blue flowers on next stem

I say that as I look at the first two stems and they are too matchy, we want diversity so make each one unique. Create the petals on the stems at different intervals.

Paint the blue flowers overlapping each other

When you paint the full flowers, paint some flowers partly over the top of others. Make the front petal a slightly different color by adding either a darker blue to the brush for the top flower or lightening it with white.

Paint more blue flowers in the basket

Painting details on flowers

Using the liner brush as some Wicker White, place a dot of paint in the center, pull fine lines from the center dot to create a star shape.

Don’t try to be perfect, some will not make a perfect star nor will each line be the same length.

Adding a white star in center of flowers with liner brush

Once the white star has dried come back with Thicket and the liner brush to place a dark dot in the center of the white star.

Using the liner and the Thicket (you can mix it a bit with the Basil green) make small stems embrace the buds.

final details, small stems on flower petals

Now you have painted blue flowers in your basket, now we are ready for the next design!

blue flowers painted in acrylics

Go ahead and watch the video and paint along. It is only about 15 minutes!

Please enjoy and share!

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