Easy Paint Carnations in Acrylics

Learn How to Paint Carnations one easy stroke at a time. Even beginners can master this simple tutorial. Beautiful carnations to paint.

Come learn how easy it is to paint carnations in acrylics.  One simple stroke layered on another to create these beautiful flowers.

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This is the one of two tutorials on painting Carnations. This one is painted with a flat brush.

Get Started Painting Carnations

1.Double load your flat brush with Alizarin Crimson and White.  Using the chisel edge, drag the brush upwards and wiggle the red edge and trying to keep the white edge in place, then slide the brush back down. (definitely need to see the video to get what I mean) This creates the petal shape.
Beginning stroke of painting carnations in acrylics, pamela groppe art

2. Repeat…Keep adding petals until you have the shape, keep the white edge as narrow as possible.  Space the petals apart for definition.
Beginning stroke of painting carnations in acrylics, pamela groppe art

Bottom Petals

3. Make the bottom petals more of at a horizontal or leaning down a bit to give it more of an umbrella shape.

4.Keep layering the petals until you have at least 3 layers of petals.
Layering petals painting carnation in acrylics, pamela groppe art


5. Using a U stroke and the brush double loaded with Evergreen and Celery Green, paint on the Calyx.
Painting the calyx of the carnation with a u stroke, pamela groppe art

6. Flip the brush so you are using the Evergreen on the trailing edge to make small chisel edge strokes to connect it to the flower and Calyx.
Calyx attaches to petals, painting a carnation, pamela groppe art

Paint Carnation Stem

7. Reload and drag your brush on the chisel edge to create the stem.
Painting the carnation stem, pamela groppe art


8. The leaves are a simple elongated flat leaf stroke.  I am working on a post and video on just leaves, which will be posted in the future.  You can see how I do these in the video.
Painting carnation leaves, pamela groppe art

And basically that is how you paint a Carnation with a flat brush.

Watch the real time video to see me paint them.

#10 Flat or Bright brush
Paints: DecoArt Americana (available in most craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby etc)
these are the colors I used but anything you have that is comparable will work
Alizarin Crimson (or any color you wish actually)
Titanium White
Foliage Green

This is a good set with an array of colors.

Happy Painting!

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Pink carnation hand pained with text overlay


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