Easy How to Paint Trumpet Vine

Here is a fast and easy how to paint trumpet vine tutorial for beginners and accomplished painters alike.  Step by step painting lesson with video.

Easy how to paint trumpet vine with video is here for you.  Paint this one stroke at a time in combination with the hummingbird to create a beautiful painting. Paint it on DIY signs, canvas or furniture for unique decor!



This is such a fun flower to paint.  And super easy too, so grab your brushes and paints and let’s get started.  You can soooo do this.  A free real time video is included at the end of this post.

Get Started painting Trumpet Vine

1.Draw on your design.

2. Double load your #12 flat brush with mostly Tangelo orange then on one corner of your brush add some of the Burgundy color. 

New here? I have a great post for learning the basics, terminology and strokes HERE! 

3. Stroke on the bottom of the petal keeping the Burgundy on the outside edge.

beginning stroke of painting trumpet vine in acrylics, pamelagroppe.com

4. Reload your brush and do the upper petal lapping over the orange.

second stroke painting trumpet vine in acrylics, pamelagroppe.com

5. Fill in the base of the flower with Tangelo orange.

finish painting trumpet vine flower with orange, pamela groppe art


6 .With the edge of the brush and Burgundy loaded on it, shadow along the top of the petal where the calyx will attach.  (see video for clarification)

7. With the tiniest touch of burgundy mixed with orange, use the chisel edge of the brush to pull in some lines for texture.  I also sometimes do this with a touch of yellow, depends on my mood.

adding details to painting trumpet vine, pamela groppe art


Paint the Trumpet Vine Calyx

8. Add the calyx with your # 4 brush and a double load of the Evergreen and the Foliage green.  Stroke on 3, they look like an upside down leaf.

Paint a calyx on trumpet vine flower, pamela groppe art

9. You can use the chisel edge of your #4 brush or a script liner to stroke on your stem.

paint the trumpet vine stem, pamela groppe art

10. Add leaves and some vines and you have your gorgeous Trumpet Vine!

Painted trumpet vine with leaves and stem, pamelagroppe.com

Easy How to Paint Trumpet Vine

Easy How to Paint Trumpet Vine

Easy painting lesson on painting trumpet vine flowers, one stroke at a time. Step by step acrylic paint tutorial


here is the real time video

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Please enjoy and share!

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