Paint Hydrangeas in Boots in Acrylics

Paint hydrangeas in boots one easy stroke at a time. Step by step painting tutorial to paint pretty blue blooms and leaves. Beginner friendly paint lesson on canvas.

Now let’s paint hydrangeas in the boots. I will refer you to more painting lessons to refer to that have a bit more in depth instruction on the element.

Plaid Folk Art Paint
Sap Green
Classic Green
Navy Blue
Look at Me Blue

3/4″ brush
#12 flat brush
#10 flat brush

Paint Hydrangeas in Boots

blue and white hydrangeas in boots painting

Paint blue and white hydrangeas in white boots. Step by step painting tutorial easy enough for beginners.

Prep Time 1 minute
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 21 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Plaid Folk Art Paint
  • Sap Green
  • Classic Green
  • Navy Blue
  • Look at Me Blue
  • #12 flat brush
  • #10 flat brush
  • floating medium


  • #12 flat brush
  • #10 flat brush
  • liner brush or stylus


  1. See Pamela Groppe Art Paint Hydrangeas in Boots for instructions.


You can use the colors you have, mix them up for a unique painting.

For placement of hydrangeas I just sketched in some ovals with a charcoal pencil. In the center is some circles that are placement of the roses. This was for reference as I set up the design. Just keep in mind to leave room for your roses.

Painted boots with circles drawn on top

Paint Hydrangea Leaves

The leaves in this painting are the basic Scallop leaf and some Slider leaves.

For a complete leaves painting tutorial see this post: Painting Leaves

Double load the 3/4″ flat brush with Sap Green and Classic Green. Using a bit of a wiggle create the scallop leaf along the outer edge of the hydrangea outline.

Leaves for hydrangea in boots

Add as many leaves as you like. But less is more.

Base Paint Hydrangeas

Using a mix of the Classic Green and White base paint the top hydrangea. Mix a bit more green into the bottom of the oval shape to create some shadowing.

base painted hydrangea in light green

Next paint in the Blue hydrangeas using a mix of the Navy blue and Wicker White. Make one lighter than the other.

Add a bit darker blue the the bottoms of the shapes for that shadow.

base painted blue hydrangeas

Add a few more leaves under the hydrangeas and create some smaller hydrangeas on the table top beside the boots.

adding a few more vining leaves beneath hydrangeas

Paint Hydrangea Petals

Using the #10 flat brush pick up Wicker white and create petal shapes, overlapping some.

For more painting help with painting hydrangeas press on the link. In that tutorial I used a filbert brush but you can just use the flat brush too.

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Paint white hydrangeas petals

Add in some green along the bottom edge of the bloom and touch a few in between the white petals. Less is more, don’t overdo.

Now do the same with the blue. On the left hydragean blooom I used more Navy Blue, on the right I used Look at Me Blue.

Overlap the edges of the ovals you base painted. Even place a petal or two outside of them.

Add blue hydrangea petals to the blooms

Add petals to the blooms on the table top, include a leaf or two as well. Note that some green petals where added to the Blue hydrangeas, just a few.

paint hydrangea blooms on table top

Paint shadow leaves

Mix a touch of green with Floating Medium to make a very transparent color. Add some shadowy leaves around the composition.

This adds a bit of depth to your painting.

add shadow leaves

Painting final details on Hydrangeas

For a final touch, use a stylus or liner brush using Sap dot some flower centers in some of the flowers.

Using the Sap Green for the with hydrangea and on the Blue use white or a darker Blue.

blue and white hydrangeas in boots painting

You will note I had shadowed beneath the boots, this is a transparent wash of Burnt Umber, go ahead and add this shadow under the hydrangeas on the table top if you wish.

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Happy Painting!

Next up Roses!

Please enjoy and share!

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