How to Paint a Large Red Poppy

Painting larger flowers is a bit different than one stroke but just as easy. Come learn how to paint a large red poppy. A video is included that includes a bud and seed pod.

How to paint a large red poppy is a painting lesson to paint larger sized poppies than the ones I shared in another post. These will look beautiful on large canvas paintings, signs or even furniture.

large red poppy painted on rustic wood with text overlay, pamela groppe art

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A printable step by step workbook and pattern can be found here: Large Poppy Painting Pattern Pack CLICK HERE to claim it!

Another video is included at the end of this post and shows you how to do the bud and seed pod as well.  A pattern ebook is available for purchase as noted above.

Transfer the pattern

outline of red poppy painting

Transfer the pattern to your surface if using one.  For the main part of the poppy I used a 1″ flat brush but you can use a 3/4″ brush if that is what you have.

Note: Full lesson on how to Transfer Painting Patterns is here.

Start to Paint a Large Red Poppy

Double load your brush with the two reds, Apple Red and Engine Red.  Stroke on the petals started out the outside edge and bringing it towards the center.

As I start the stroke I press quite firmly so the bristle splay outwards then as I draw it towards the center I let up on the pressure.

Strokes on how to paint a large red poppy

You will note I am not starting at the same point on the edge, I want the petals to be offset.

Pull the strokes the way the petals would be growing. The two colors will give you shading.

top petals on How to Paint a Large Red Poppy

Lower Petals

Stroke on the lower two petals but add a touch of orange to the lighter red corner of the brush the give the top of the petal a bit of highlight along the edge.

Paint a Large Red Poppy, adding orange

This next step can be done after the first layers have dried as I show in the video but here I am going to show how I do with while the paint is not quite dry.


Add Burgundy Wine like you did the orange, to the corner of your brush and lightly pull in some dark edges to indicate the petal separations, remember be light and the line does not have to go all the way to the base nor does it have to be continuous. It can have skips in it if you like.  Don’t try to be exact or life like, this is art.

Add darker lines to show petal details. How to Paint a large Red Poppy


Tap in some Eggplant with a scruffy brush or you can stroke it in is you like. I prefer the texture the scruffy brush creates. In the video I show how I drag out little filaments of color from the wet Eggplant color of paint with a liner brush.

paint poppy centers

Let the Eggplant color dry then stroke in  the Citron Green in an half oval shape. Let is dry a bit then paint in the darker green segment lines.

paint in green centers for large red poppy

Dot in some little spots for detail with a stylus or tip of a liner brush.

Because this post is so photo intensive I will do another post dedicated to just the leaves.  They can be tricky or at least I find them to be. I will share two different ways to paint them.

Supply List:
(you can use what you have, I am just listing what I used in this post)

Plaid FolkArt Multi Surface (or you can use the regular acrylics)
Apple Red
Engine Red
Pure Orange
Burgundy Wine
Citrus Green

Plaid Folkart One Stroke set

Paint Caddy for cleaning brushes

And a full pattern pack can be found here: Large Poppy Painting Pattern Pack

Happy Painting and stay tuned for the leaves! Here is the Leaves tutorial Paint Poppy Leaves

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Red poppy painted on a vintage board with text overlay, How to Paint a Large Red Poppy, Pamela Groppe Art

Please enjoy and share!

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  1. The red poppies are beautiful. I plan to do a board similar to your example, to put into my flower bed. Really love art in the garden. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  2. Oh Pamela, thank you so much for sharing your talent! I will be painting a mural for the side of our garden shed, so this will be so fun to do as a part of it!! I love poppies too!

  3. Beautiful. I love poppies as you would see if you came to my house. I am going to try out these poppies, hopefully to add to my collection! Pam

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