easy Paint Palm Trees

Easy Paint Palm Trees one stroke at a time. These are great to add to the beach scene tutorial for a full on tropical experience.

These easy paint palm trees are so beginner friendly and fun!

You can add these to the Paint a Beach Scene easily for a tropical canvas painting. 

Palm tree painting with text overlay, how to paint a palm tree, pamela groppe art

Palm Trees are fairly easy to paint.  This post is for the Palm trees alone..  I painted this in my Canson Mix Media Pad.

The first video is a quick over view.

New here and need to know basic terminology and strokes?  Click here for a quick and easy post on Basic Brush Strokes.

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Full length real time video is at the bottom of this post and a supply list. 

Paint Palm Tree Trunk

1.Start with a quick sketch of the palms for a guideline, nothing fancy it just helps me to keep myself inline with the paint brush.

Sketch of palm tree to be painted, pamela groppe art

2. Double load the #12 flat brush with Burnt Umber and the lighter brown paint, in this one I used Coffee Latte and added a touch of Parchment to lighten as needed.

Use a shortened slider leaf stroke and stack them on top of each other narrowing the size as you get closer to the top of the tree trunk.

start painting trunk of palm tree, one stroke, pamela groppe art

Paint Palm Fronds

3. Double load your brush with Thicket and Cut Grass. 

Paint in the spars for the palm fronds, it is almost a star shape.

Base of painted Palm Fronds, pamela groppe art

4. Reload brush with the greens again. Add the palm fronds with shorter chisel edge slash strokes. 

Lead with the lighter green and tilt your brush back on its heal to make the strokes thin.  Thinner than mine here, with the paper causing drag on my brush I used too much pressure, but in the long run it looked fine.  

I just know I can do better.

Adding palm frond strokes to palm tree painting, pamela groppe art

Keep doing this all the way around the spars.  Some of the fronds that would be facing down I only add the leaves to one side.  

The frond behind my brush is only painted on one side.

Painting palm tree fronds, one stroke, pamela groppe art

Fan Palm (or something like it)

Somehow I failed to get a photo of painting the trunk of this palm but you can see it in my video included at the bottom of this post.  

It is a short wiggle stroke stack on top of one another from top to bottom, graduating in size to its widest point at the base.

The fan shaped leaves are a chisel edge slider stroke on the ends of the various length stems.

painting a fan palm, pamela groppe art

I need to redo this tree and make a completely new tutorial for it but in the mean time, this one is pretty to add to your tropical beach painting.

You should end up with something resembling this.

Don’t worry about being exact.  Remember we are going for an impression of something and not reality.  

Just have fun with it and paint easy palm trees one stroke at a time!


It is easier to see what I am talking about in the video.  Sorry for the poor lighting, we have not had sunshine in over a week and the difference natural light makes is amazing.


Plaid FolkArt Craft acrylics
Cut Grass (I prefer Fresh Foliage)
Burnt Umber
Coffee Latte
#12 Flat brush
Canson Mix Media Pad

Note: The paint colors should be available at your local craft supply like Michaels, JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby.  Many times they run great sales so watch their flyers.

collage of painting palm trees steps

Happy Painting!

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Please enjoy and share!

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  1. Love your beach theme. I am presently painting Cardinals on the seat of a foot stool, custom built by myself, I have included White Birch trees (Aspen) in this version instead of pine branches and pine cones. Just a note to say I have used your recipe for Cherry Scone recently and replaced the cherries with Fresh Cranberries, Almond extract and White chocolate chips. They were so good, I made a second batch using fresh blueberries and cranberries because the 1st batch got used up pretty fast. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.

    Nicole in Canada

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