Fun Sunflower Painting Tutorials

I love YouTube for finding different artists sharing painting tutorials.  There are so many out there.  They all offer great lessons on how to paint so many different methods using various mediums.  Today I want to share some sunflower painting tutorials I have personally learned from watching.  I have created a few tutorials myself which I will include links to.

If you wish to save this for reference later there is a great photo at the end to PIN from.

My very latest is this one on How to Paint Sunflowers on Fabric

Paint Sunflowers on Fabric.

Watching different artists is a wonderful way to stretch your abilities or dive into a new to you type of painting from your home.  I know I have learned so much from all the videos I have watched.

So many of you have written me emails thanking me for putting my lessons out there  and how much they have enjoyed learning how I paint.

Truthfully, it is how I paint at the moment.  I am still learning and exploring new methods and mediums also so as I morph with time and my tutorials will too.

My very first sunflower tutorial was this one:
Easy to Paint Sunflower..this one does not have a video but it is so popular on my other site that I really should consider making a video of how easy it really is.
Easy and fun sunflower painting tutorials by different artists!

Next I created this tutorial and I did include a video:
How to Paint Sunflowers

after watching that again myself I noticed I really should remake it, the sound is terrible.  I will put that on my list for the future.  It was one of my beginning videos when I was just getting started and learning by trial and error.

Now on to some other wonderful artists and their videos:

Tracie at Step by Step painting has a wide selection of painting tutorials that are so easy and fun. She has a Sunflower one I know you will enjoy, just press here to find it.

 Lonna Lamb Sunflower on Canvas

Angela Anderson Free Sunflower Painting Tutorial–nIY4

Art Sherpa Van Gogh Starry Night Sunflowers

Paint Sunflowers with Acrylic Paints and a Palette Knife

Personally I can’t wait to try the one above, I think the texture is fascinating.

Painting with Jane Autumn sunflower painting

I hope you enjoy these techniques and lessons. Even if you don’t try them, just watching them can spark ideas and get the creative ideas flowing!

Happy Painting!

Easy and fun sunflower painting tutorials by different artists!

Please enjoy and share!

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