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Winter Barn Painting

If you’re looking for a fun painting project to keep you busy this winter, look no further! In this tutorial, I will show you how to paint a beautiful winter barn scene. We’ll walk you through each step of the process, so even beginners can follow along. So why not give it a try? Winter barn painting is a great way to improve your painting skills while enjoying the beauty of nature.

winter barn scene acrylic painting on square canvas

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This lesson is done on canvas but you could easily use this design on different items. I have painted similar designs on shovel heads, saws, furniture, and even light plate covers.

We will start with the background and then add to this as we complete this painting over the next few weeks (or less).

Be sure to grab the free printable, link is at the bottom of this post.

Winter Barn Painting Supplies

The first step in getting the best winter scene painting is to prepare your canvas. This is an easy step that can make a big difference in your painting experience.

why and how to

Gesso a Canvas for Better Paintings

Many of the inexpensive canvases you find at hobby/craft stores are pre-primed but did you know that adding just a bit more gesso can make all the difference in your painting experience? I show you how easy it is to gesso your canvas for better paintings.

Once the gesso is dry you are ready to get started painting! You can just dive in and start painting without adding the gesso to the canvas but I know you will find it much easier to create this winter barn painting if you take the extra step.

Paint a Winter Sky

Double load the 2-inch craft brush with French Blue and Wicker White.

Need help with what a double load is? See Basic Brush Strokes for more Info!

painting a winter sky on a white canvas

Paint the Snow

Next up is the snow. Clean your brush and towel dry.

Load it with Wicker White and brush on the snow area. This is not a straight line, just brush it on across the lower part of the canvas as you please.

Painting snow below the winter sky with a 2 inch craft brush

Let this portion dry or accelerate the drying with a blow dryer.

See the Video of Painting a Winter Barn Background

winter barn background painting with youtube play button overlay

I am primarily using the paint colors available in this kit as I shall in many tutorials after this. I am going to use the same batch of colors to make it easier and more affordable for everyone.

Winter Barn Painting – Winter Trees Segment

Next up part 2

Paint Winter Trees

Paint Winter Trees is part of a series of acrylic painting tutorials to Paint a Winter Barn landscape. This beginner-friendly painting lesson will show you how to add background trees to your painting

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a side by side comparison

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Acrylic Paint for Beginners: The Basics You Need to Know. What I recommend and why so you can know you are getting the best bang for your buck!

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Press here to get the free printable pattern (traceable) of this painting lesson!

winter barn scene acrylic painting on square canvas

Grab the pattern

Grab the traceable pattern for the Paint A Barn in Winter Landscape.

Please enjoy and share!

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