easy How to Paint a Snowman

Super simple how to paint a snowman painting for beginners. An easy acrylic lesson!

Ready to paint a sweet little snowman? Acrylics are the perfect medium for this whimsical painting. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create the basic shape of the snowman and then add details like his carrot nose, coal eyes, and sweet little buttons. Let’s get started!

You can paint evergreen trees or paint fir trees with your snowman to create a snowy winter scene.

snowman with text overlay, how to paint a snowman, pamela groppe art

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See how I added a simple little snowman to this Barn Painting. You can do this too!

Winter barn landscape painted in acrylics with fence, snowy trees and a snowman.

The first video shown on this page is a quick overview of this lesson. The full-length real-time video is available at the end of this post.

Lets start with our supplies.

I used Plaid Folk Art acrylic paints in the following colors:

Wicker White
Fresh Foliage
Burnt Umber
Pure Orange
Deep Ocean Blue

Plaid One Stroke Donna Dewberry set
I used the 3/4 in scruffy, the #6 flat, the small scruffy and the liner.

folk art paint colors with painting tools on a brown paper background

Paint the snowman’s head & body

Load the scruffy brush with Wicker White. Pounce a circle of white to paint the snowman’s head.

white circle painted loosely on a grey background

Reload the scruffy brush with more Wicker White and pounce on the snowman’s round body.

I only painted this snowman with two sections but you can certainly paint an additional section if you like.

See the rough edges? I like that, it gives my snowman character and fluffiness!

two round white circles painted one on top of the other on a gray background

Add a touch of Licorice acrylic paint to the edge of the scruffy without cleaning the brush.

Tamp a shadow around one side and the bottom. Let the black paint blend into the white so it is subtle.

black paint added to white and pressed into white circles on gray background

Begin adding Details

With the stylus dip into Licorice Black and tap the snowman’s eyes onto his face. You can paint them round or make them oval.

Your choice, this is your snowman painting!

hand placing black dots on painted white circle with stylus to mimic eyes on a snowman

Using the stylus and Cardinal Red, paint on the snowman’s heart buttons.

You do that by making two dots close to one another and then dragging the paint down to a point.

(the video shows you better than I can explain it)

red heart painted on snowman body

Paint Snowman arms

Using the liner brush and Burnt Umber paint thin branch-like lines to create the arms for the snowman.

You can load a touch of Wicker White paint to the brush as well to create some dimension.

hand with paint brush painting branches for arms on snowman

Work More on the Face

Using the stylus once again tap on dots to create the snowman’s mouth. You could also use the liner brush to tap on the dots.

hand dotting a smile onto a snowman with black acrylic paint and a stylus

Using the liner and Pure Orange, pull long linear strokes to a point creating a carrot-like nose.

Add a touch of Burnt Umber to the Pure Orange and add a shadow along the back and bottom of the carrot.

Beginner friendly

Paint a Snowman Face

Easy, beginner-friendly snowman face in acrylics. This painting tutorial is so fun and shows you a couple of ways to paint a snowman head and face fast and easy.

painting a carrot now on snowman face

Snowman Scarf

Using Fresh Foliage and the #6 flat brush paint a stroke following the snowman’s neck to create his scarf.

Reload the #6 flat paint brush and pull a stroke down to make the tail.

In the video, I share how I create a small curved stroke to create where the scarf ties at the neck.

painting a green scarf on snowman with a liner brush

Snowman earmuffs

This snowman doesn’t have a hat, he is wearing earmuffs.

They are super simple to paint with a small scruffy brush. Tap small circles with Fresh Foliage.

I added a bit of shadow by tapping an edge of the small scruffy brush into Thicket.

painting on snowman earmuffs with scruffy brush and green paint

And there you have a simple snowman you can paint.

finished painting of snowman on gray background

Ready for the complete video? Here you go!

I hope you enjoy painting this.

For more snowman painting fun, try the Snowman with a Cardinal.

fun winter painting

Paint a Snowman with Cardinal!

Ready to paint a sweet snowman with cute little cardinal? This acrylic tutorial teaches you step-by-step and it includes how to add texture. Beginner friendly and downloadable traceable is available!

easy How to Paint a Snowman materials

snowman with text overlay, how to paint a snowman, pamela groppe art

Step by step easy painting lesson for a snowman. Learn to paint a snowman one stroke at a time! A beginner friendly lesson.

Active Time 20 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Surface of choice
  • Plaid Folk Art Paint in Following colors:
  • Wicker White
  • Fresh Foliage
  • Thicket
  • Burnt Umber
  • Pure Orange
  • Cardinal
  • Deep Ocean Blue


  • Donna Dewberry One stroke brush set
  • Stylus


See blog post for complete step by step instructions.

The link for the video is included in the post so you can paint along.


Create different snowmen using different details.

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Coming soon, paint snowmen on candles!

I did not include a pattern yet for this snowman. I figured it is easy enough to just create. But if you really want one just email me and let me know.

Happy Painting!

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Painted snowmen with text overlay, easy How to Paint a Snowman, with video

Please enjoy and share!

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