Pansies in Spring Bicycle Painting

The second part of the Spring Bicycle painting tutorial, the Pansies in the Basket! Easy one stroke pansies you can paint.

Now for our pansies in the bicycle basket. I took that canvas off the easel and laid it on my painting table. That way I could use a good amount of pressure to paint my Pansies.

The printable supply list is in the first part, Spring Bicycle Acrylic Painting with Pansies.

painted pansies in bicycle basket, acrylics

For more Pansy painting try this painting tutorial.

Paint the Bicycle Basket

Paint in a portion of the basket along the bottom of the basket area. Only some of this will show so there is no need to paint an entire basket.

painting a bicycle basket in acrylics

For a more detailed tutorial for painting a basket see this post.

No need to be precise or pretty about it, be content with giving an indication of a basket. The flowers will steal the show and this is just a back drop.

Paint the Back Petals of the Pansies

Using the #12 flat brush, double load with Purple and Light lavender. Using the scallop stroke place two petals overlapping each other.

For more on Basic Brush Strokes see this post.

painting back petals of pansy

Paint in the back petals for many of the Pansies. So you get good definition let the back petals dry before painting the side petals.

back petals of pansies painted

Paint Pansy Side Petals

Now reload the brush, double loading again. This time switch which color is on the outside edge.

Example, the back petals of this pansy is the darker color. For the side petals flip the brush so the lighter color is on the outside edge. This create the contrast you are looking for.

painting side petals of pansy, acrylic painting turorial

Pansy Bottom Petal

The bottom petal is one large scallop stroke or you can blend two scallop strokes together to create the larger size.

On the bottom you flip the double loaded brush back to having the dark paint on the outside of the stroke. (the video makes this easier to understand)

Paint bottom petal of pansy in acrylics

Paint Pansy whiskers

I don’t know what else to call them but this little detail just gives the pansies a bit of character.

Using the chisel edge of your brush, load with the darker color paint. Place sharp little chopping strokes radiating out from the center to create the detail I call whiskers.

paint pansy details

Add pansy detail

With the corner of your brush load a dot of Pale Yellow. Dab it onto the center of the pansy.

close up of painting a pansy

Next load a liner brush with Ivory White, make sure the paint is inky in consisting and you have rolled your brush to a sharp point. (please see video)

Create an upside down V over the yellow dot

Paint Pansy greenery

Using your brush of choice add leaves, vines and greenery to your basket and painting. Actually leaves and greenery can be added along the way of your painting, there is no set rules.

For a step by step lesson on Leaves see this post.

Adding leaves and greenery to bicycle painting basket

Also add small buds and petals with a #8 Filbert and #4 Filbert (or size of choice)

The video is great at showing how this all comes together. The actual Pansy part of the painting starts at about 52:16 of the video

Bicycle painting with pansies, Spring acrylic painting tutorial

Happy Painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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