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Paint Winter Trees – Paint a Winter Barn Series pt 2

Paint Winter Trees is part of a series of acrylic painting tutorials to Paint a Winter Barn landscape. This beginner-friendly painting lesson will show you how to add background trees to your painting.

winter barn scene acrylic painting on square canvas

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If you need to start from the beginning you can find that here.

start from the beginning

Paint a Winter Barn – Part 1

If you’re looking for a fun painting project to keep you busy this winter, look no further! This Winter Barn Painting is a great way to improve your painting skills while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Supplies Used in This Segment

Paint Colors

  • Linen
  • Cinnamon
  • Caffe Latte
  • Wicker White
  • Coffee Bean

Paint Kit used for Entire Series

The paints used in this entire painting come from this collection, Plaid Folkart 24 color kit.

Paint Brush Set

Sponge Set

Note: you can use whatever colors you have that are similar.

Transfer Pattern to Surface

In the last portion of this lesson, you painted the sky and snow background. After it is completely dry it is time to transfer the pattern to the surface.

Now it is time to transfer the pattern.

barn outline on transfer paper on background surface

Transfer the pattern to tracing paper if you prefer, this does help with the layout.

Or you can just lay the pattern on the surface aligning where you want the barn to sit.

For more details on transferring patterns to your painting surface see the Transfer Painting Patterns tutorial.

easiest way to

Transfer Painting Patterns

These days many call these traceables but way back when I started painting they were called patterns and this is the easiest way to transfer the pattern to your surface.

I am primarily using the paint colors available in this kit as I shall in many tutorials after this. I am attempting to use the same batch of colors to make it easier and more affordable for everyone.

Paint the Background Trees

Now it is time to paint the background trees.

You can use a scruffy brush for this but I prefer using a craft sponge or a cheap dollar-store sponge torn into pieces.

For how I use a dollar store sponge see this lesson: Paint a Fall Tree

In this lesson, I will be using these sponges.

Tamp the sponge into a touch of Cinnamon and Caffe Latte colors.

Lighten a touch with Linen if you like.

Pounce the color onto the surface creating mounds of color

(the video linked at the end of this post should be helpful in seeing exactly how it is done.)

mounds of tan acrylic color sponged on blue sky to mimic fall trees

Pounce some Linen color on the tops of the trees.

Using a liner brush and Coffee Bean color, pull in some trunks and branches.

Be judicious, less is more, you can always add more later if you feel there is a need.

sponge on some linen or off white color to lighten the tops of the trees.

Pounce some more Cinnamon and Linen over some of the trunks and branches setting them back a touch.

Add some white highlights around the tops of the trees.

get the details

Watch the Video to See How Its Done!

This 15-minute video clip shows you step by step how to paint the background trees with a simple little sponge and a liner brush!

Next up -Paint Winter Pine Trees

Paint a Winter Barn Part 3

Paint Winter Pine Trees

Paint Winter Pine Trees is part 3 of a series of acrylic painting tutorials to Paint a Winter Barn landscape. This easy, beginner-friendly painting lesson will show you how to add winter pine trees to your painting.

For a copy of the traceable sign-in or sign up for your free account…

Paint a Winter Barn Pattern

download and transfer

Winter Barn Pattern

Click the button below to download your free painting pattern of the Winter Barn.

Please enjoy and share!

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