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Easy Barn Painting – Paint a Winter Barn pt 4

This acrylic painting tutorial is part of the Winter Barn Painting Series. Today you get the easy barn painting portion. This easy, beginner-friendly painting lesson will show you how to paint a barn with dimension and how to mix the red to tone it.

Winter barn landscape painted in acrylics with fence, snowy trees and a snowman.

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The free printable pattern is available at the end of this post.

Supplies Used in This Segment

Paint Colors

  • Licorice
  • Thicket
  • Wicker White
  • Cardinal Red
  • Medium Gray
  • French Blue
  • Coffee Bean
  • Brushes:
  • #10 flat brush
  • #6 Flat
  • Liner Brush

Paint Kit used for Entire Series

The paints used in this entire painting come from this collection, Plaid Folkart 24 color kit.

Paint Brush Set

Sponge Set

Note: you can use whatever colors you have that are similar

Easy Barn Painting Color Mix

Since I am using mostly the colors that come in this Plaid FolkArt paint kit and it does not have a barn red in it, I mixed up a color.

I chose to use Cardinal Red and toned it with a touch of Coffee Bean and Thicket. Sometimes I add just a tiny dot of Licorice to deepen the color for shading. (the video at the end of this post shows exactly how I do it)

Base Paint the Barn

Using the red color you mixed start painting the barn. I used the #10 flat brush but you can use whatever size is most comfy for you.

Stroke vertically as you paint. This can create the look of boards

base painting a barn with a toned red color

Add Shading to Push Areas Back

After you have based the barn add a touch of Licorice to the Barn Red mix and paint the areas in shadow that push it further back to the eye.

adding shading to the side parts of the barn to push it back to the eye

The side parts of the barn are going away from us so we want it to look a bit darker. Paint the darker red on the sides up to the corner where it meets the front of the barn.

Be careful when adding Licorice to your mix as black is a powerful color and can easily overwhelm the red mix.

Paint the Barn Roof

Since our barn is covered with snow we will paint the roof Wicker White using the #10 flat brush.

paint the barn roof white with Wicker White paint.

This will take a couple of coats to be opaque. Paint the eave then come back to add another coat of white. Just take your time and enjoy.

Paint the Barn Eave

The eave of the barn on the right side is in shadow. Use Licorice Black and the #10 flat brush on the chisel edge to paint in this area.

Need help on terms for painting see this post: Basic Strokes for help!

Painting the barn eave with Licorice (black) acrylic paint.

By the time you finish the eave the white on the roof may be dry enough to recoat.

But before you do that go ahead and paint in the window. This is painted with Licorice and is basically the width of the #10 flat brush.

add the window to front of the barn in black

The left side of the barn needed a bit of shading to push it back as well. So use some of the darker red used on the right side to shade the left a touch.

In the video I started to add shading to the roof, it didn’t work for me and I will add more later so you can skip that part for now.

Need a better visual? Here is the video.

Next up…more of the Barn Painting

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For the free printable pattern to download sign in or sign up for a free account.

Paint a Winter Barn Pattern

download and transfer

Winter Barn Pattern

Click the button below to download your free painting pattern of the Winter Barn.

Please enjoy and share!

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