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Easy Paint a Fir Tree in Acrylics

An easy paint a fir tree in acrylics lesson beginners can do. Fun for everyone that wants to paint evergreen trees. Paint fir trees on DIY signs, hand painted furniture, canvas paintings and more. 

painted snowman with easy to paint fir tree with text overlay

Learn how to paint an easy fir tree in acrylic paint. This beginner friendly painting tutorial is quick and so fun. 

Paint fir trees as a background for a hand-painted sign, in a whimsical painting or whatever you can imagine. 

This is just one type I do, I will share another style in another post. 

Let’s Get Started Painting Fir Trees

1. Double load your #12 flat brush with Thicket and Citrus Green. (you can find these at Michaels, Hobby Lobby & JoAnns)

New here and need to know terminology and basic strokes? Go Here.

2. Draw the trunk of the tree with your paintbrush. Lead with the Citrus Green letting the Thicket follow. You can vary the color with a brown if you like but for ease I am making this one the same green as the limbs. 

Green line painted for trunk of fir tree, pamelagroppe.com

It is not a perfect line, it does not need to be.  Squash that desire to be perfect, it is counterproductive!

Base of Tree

3. Establish the base of your tree. This is how wide you want your tree to be at the bottom. 

You can decide how wide you want your tree. There are no rules. 

outline where tree bottom is, pamela groppe art

4.  With your #12 flat brush double loaded with Thicket and Citrus Green, paint your fronds from the outside in. 

Place the chisel edge of your brush on the surface, press, drag and then lift the front corner.

Leaning your strokes towards the trunk of the fir tree.  (hard to picture? See Video at the end of this post)

Paint bottom row of tree fronds, pamela groppe art

5. Paint both sides of the tree.

lower fir tree branches painted, pamela groppe art

Paint Layers of Strokes

6. Using the same stroke and reloading brush as needed, layer on the next levels one on top of the other. 

Gradually narrow the tree as you paint upwards so the general shape of your tree is triangular. 

layering painting strokes for fir tree, pamelagroppe.com

7. Lighten and darken by adding either more Thicket to the brush or Citrus Green as you paint up the tree. 

Painting an easy fun fir tree one stroke at a time, pamelagroppe.com

Paint Top of Tree

8. Paint the top of the tree by setting your brush on the chisel edge and dragging a stroke downwards to the trunk to create the tip-top. 

And there you have a fun, whimsical fir tree.  I share how to add snow in the video.

hand painted fir tree one easy stroke at a time, pamelagroppe.com

Happy Painting!

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Fir tree painted with text overlay

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