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Paint Sunflowers in a Mason Jar

Sunflower in a Mason Jar with a pumpkin painting tutorial. You can paint this still life from these instructions but there is a full Masterclass workshop with video and a more detailed step by step painting workbook available for you as well.

Paint Sunflowers in a Mason jar with a pumpkin, quickly and easily. Get the more detailed video workshop or workbook. The workshop includes a step by step workbook, pattern and downloadable videos for you to use and keep. The workbook alone is also available.

This painting tutorial is a overview of the lesson which you can easily use to create your own painting. I link to more detailed instructions for certain elements here on the website.


Acrylic paint for Paint Sunflowers, Mason Jar and a Pumpkin painting tutorial

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This painting is on an 11 x 14 wrapped canvas. I use the ones from Michaels but these from Art Alternatives work well also. Be sure to watch for sales at Michaels on the value packs of artists canvas, they ship too.

The colors used are as follows (you are certainly welcome to choose different colors)

Plaid FolkArt Multi surface or Regular acrylics:
Wicker White
Vintage White
Yellow Ocher
Moon Yellow
Daffodil Yellow
Sap Green
Citrus Green
Urban Putty
Burnt Umber
Dioxazine Purple
Azure Blue
Floating Medium
#12 Flat Brush
#2 Liner

Yield: 1

Paint Sunflowers in a Mason jar

paint tendril on pumpkin stem with liner brush and sap green paint

Acrylic painting tutorial of sunflowers in a mason jar with a pumpkin. Step by step instructions.

Active Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours
Difficulty Medium


  • Plaid FolkArt Multi surface or Regular acrylics:
  • Wicker White
  • Vintage White
  • Yellow Ocher
  • Moon Yellow
  • Daffodil Yellow
  • Sap Green
  • Citrus Green
  • Urban Putty
  • Burnt Umber
  • Dioxazine Purple
  • Azure Blue
  • Floating Medium


  • Brushes
  • #12 Flat Brush
  • #2 Liner


  1. Paint background
  2. Transfer design to surface
  3. Lay in undercoat of sunflowers and leaves
  4. Paint jar outline
  5. Base paint pumpkin with Yellow Ocher
  6. Paint Sunflower petals with Moon Yellow
  7. Add Citrus Green to leaves
  8. Add a touch of Pure Orange to base of petals
  9. Use Burnt Umber to paint Sunflower center
  10. Touch in some Sap Green and Citrus to center of sunflower center
  11. Add Stems with Sap Green, add Calyx to side facing sunflowers with mix of greens
  12. Paint Pumpkin white
  13. Add gray mix to pumpkin ribs
  14. Paint pumpkin again with Vintage white, leaving some Wicker White showing
  15. Paint Pumpkin and Sunflower stems
  16. Shade Jar with transparent Azure blue
  17. Paint pumpkin stem with Burnt Umber
  18. Finish with a curlicue on Pumpkin stem


I list the colors I used, you can easily use your own choice of colors.

For a list of the painting supplies I use with every painting I do please visit here: Basic Painting Supplies you will find helpful.

Let’s start with the background. This background very similar to the one shared with you in the bicycle painting. But the color is graduated from right to left on this canvas.

Using a 2 inch brush or a sponge apply Urban Putting starting from the left and working towards the right. Add white as you go, very little at first then more to create an ombre effect across the canvas

(personally, if I were to do this painting again I would do a different color background, this one turned out more yellow than I wished)

Background underpainting for Sunflower mason jar and pumpkin painting tutorial

Transfer the design or free hand it on, the downloadable pattern is here.

I basically sketch on an outline with a charcoal pencil.

outline of sunflower, mason jar and pumpkin painting tutorial

Sunflower and Pumpkin Underpainting

Using the #12 flat brush create the table base with a blend of Burnt Umber and Wicker white.

Start a bit darker on the left side and add more white as you paint towards the right. Just like when you did the background. (you can change the colors here too, don’t be afraid to experiment!)

Get in basic shapes of elements in the Sunflower, Mason Jar and Pumpkin painting tutorial

Note: I use the #12 flat brush until the end.

Using Yellow Ocher loosely paint in the petals of the Sunflower. This is the under painting only. Note that it is not in the petal shapes. Just a wash of color.

Using Yellow Ocher again, outline the pumpkin.

Note: For more pumpkin painting lessons press here.

Painting Leaf Shadows

Add in the darks of the leaves at the base using Sap Green. These are not stroke work leaves so just dab in the color.

Paint the Mason Jar

Load the brush with Floating Medium and side load with Wicker White, drag the color around the outline of the jar.

Repeat with a touch of the Azure Blue.

For a more detailed tutorial on How to Paint a Mason Jar press here.

Outline the jar with wicker white paint and floating medium

Sunflower Petals

Using Moon Yellow paint sunflower petals around center of Sunflower, leave the under painting showing around edges of petals. Paint the petals on the side facing sunflowers as well.

Keep the shadow side darker. Add a touch of Pure Orange to the petals near the base.

Start to add some Citrus Green to the leaves.

Add petals and highlights to Sunflowers

Paint Sunflower Center

Using Burnt Umber dab in the circle center of the Sunflower. Dabbing helps to create texture but if you wish you can stroke it in as well.

Related: Paint a Sunflower on Fabric

Paint sunflower center and add more highlight to Sunflowers

Let the Burnt Umber dry. While the Sunflower center dries pull in the stems using Sap Green and a touch of burnt umber. Highlight with Citrus green.

When the center is nearly dry tap in some Sap Green and Citrus green in a small circle directly in the center.

Add highlights, calyx and undercoat pumpkin

Using Daffodil Yellow, touch some highlights onto the Sunflower petals. Note how the left side is left darker. Do the same with the side facing sunflowers.

Using Sap Green and Citrus Green side load your brush and create the calyxs on the side facing sunflowers. Drag the brush on the chisel edge to create them.

Note: See Basic Brush Strokes here for more details.

Highlight sunflowers, add calyxs and under coat pumpkin

Under coat the pumpkin with Yellow Ocher. Using Sap Green lightly restate the pumpkin ribs.

Paint in Jar

Using floating medium and a side load of Wicker White paint on a slight arc for a water line over the stems in the jar. Do again.

Load the brush with Floating medium and Azure blue. Blend until it is very transparent, paint a wash of color on the mason jar to give it a tint.

Paint jar with a wash of Azure blue, paint pumpkin white

Paint the pumpkin with Wicker White, letting the ribs show a bit.

Mix up a light blueish gray using Wicker White, tiny touch of Black and a touch of the Azure Blue.

Side load the brush with this mix and paint the ribs of the pumpkin following the contours.

Finish up painting pumpkin

Using Vintage White paint sections of pumpkin, no need to completely cover the Wicker White, you want variation in colors.

Paint vintage white on pumpkin shape

If you get too heavy handed with the Vintage White, just add touches of white back in.

Using Burnt Umber paint the pumpkin stem. Shadow the left side with a touch of black and highlight the right side with a touch of Vintage white.

Paint a curlique

Using the liner brush and inky Sap Green, paint a swirly line to emulate a tendril attached to the pumpkin stem.

paint tendril on pumpkin stem with liner brush and sap green paint

Congratulations! You have painted a Fall inspired still life of Sunflowers in a Mason Jar with a Pumpkin.

To get your copy of the detailed Workbook visit here or the Workshop Master Class visit here!

Note: a new feature I have added to the video workshops is the ability to download the videos so you can paint along even without an internet connection. (you will need internet to initially download and save to your device)

painting of sunflowers, mason jar and pumpkin with text overlay, Learn to Paint Sunflowers, Mason Jar and a Pumpkin step by step painting tutorial

I wish you Happy Fall Painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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