Easy Painting Ideas

Easy painting ideas you can enjoy and be inspired by! Acrylic painting ideas are all around us. Getting painting inspiration from nature is so easy. Translating that into a painting is what can be a challenge. Let’s get some painting ideas from around the net.

Easy painting ideas can be gathered from nature but even better is the many tutorials available online. Beginner painting tutorials anyone can do and feel successful.

Easy Painting Ideas for Beginners

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. The best way to overcome your fears is to start with an easy painting. There is an entire category dedicated to getting your feet wet with super easy paint tutorials and inexpensive supplies.

Why Acrylic Paints

There are a lot of choices of paints when first learning, from watercolors, oils to gouache and acrylics. But what is the easiest?

Acrylic paints are some of the simplest to learn how to paint with. Easy clean-up, budget-friendly, and no odors make it an obvious choice for beginner painters.

No one says you must choose acrylics, if you wish to learn how to paint with oils then go for it. I am just learning how to paint in oils, it is a challenge but learning something different is a way to grow.

Watercolors are a wonderful medium as well and there are lots of tutorials available online for them. But it must be said that acrylics are just simply easier and more forgiving than the other paint types.

Now that we understand why I focused on acrylic painting ideas let’s see what is out there for tons of inspiration and education!

Easy Canvas Painting Ideas

Simple Painting ideas for kids and adults

Tracie Kiernan at Step by Step Painting is a painting tutorial machine! She is a children’s art teacher and her simple lessons are loved by all.

She even has a membership program for licensing to create your own Paint and Sip business. Her simple yet cute paintings make great party designs easy to demonstrate in a couple of hours.

Michelle My Belle Designs

Michelle is a one-stroke instructor and has some lovely lessons. You can see by her paintings she has a style all her own and shares some tutorials on her Facebook page as well as more in-depth lessons on her website.

graphic with painted butterflies and text overlay

YouTube Video Painting Tutorials

There is a YouTube painting tutorial for just about any style of painting you would like to try. Abstract, impressionism, realism, watercolor, and more.

If you have been around here long at all you already know I have a YouTube channel where I have my easy video painting tutorials and demonstrations. Most have corresponding blog posts and some do not.

Pamela Groppe Art on YouTube

Videos can really help you see how the brush moves and the artist is able to create the design with a twist of the brush or with unusual painting tools. I love to learn from videos.

Here are a few favorites I have been enjoying:

Michelle the Painter

Plaid Crafts (lots of ideas for not only paintings but other crafts)

Photo courtesy of Plaid Online
Photo courtesy of Plaid Online

Plaid also has a group on Facebook called Let’s Paint with Plaid and they have a lot of great free lessons as well. I hope this link works but try to click HERE.

Donna Dewberry (I do love good stroke work)

Angela Anderson

More to come…

Please enjoy and share!

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