Paint a Rooster

Paint a rooster in acrylics, one easy stroke at a time. This rooster painting tutorial is broken down for you to make it beginner friendly and fun!

Paint a rooster in acrylics, an easy step-by-step lesson you can create in small amounts of time. Painting a rooster is just a matter of breaking down each area. Rooster colors range widely, so it is easy to use what acrylic paints you have on hand or to make this painting uniquely yours.

adding the grass, Finish the Rooster Painting

This rooster painting is simple enough when you break it down into bite size pieces. Therefore I have many posts linked of the steps to paint this handsome fellow for you to refer to and learn from.

Rooster Colors

Plaid FolkArt paints:
Prussian Blue
Wicker White
Cardinal Red
Yellow Ocher
Burnt Umber
True Blue

Licorice Black
School Bus Yellow
Pure Orange
Raw Sienna

Donna Dewberry 10 piece collection

Background for Rooster Painting

There are a few background lessons I have on this site with more in the works. For my rooster background, this is the blog post with video for the exact one. ROOSTER BACKGROUND

Blend prussian blue with white to graduate colors of background of rooster painting

A background option I think would work great with this is the Faux Barn Wood background.

Transfer Rooster Pattern

Download, print and transfer the Rooster pattern or feel free to sketch it in yourself.

rooster drawing on canvas

The rooster pattern for tracing is in the Resource Library. To access, fill out the subscription form and get the password. Find the step by step here to transfer the pattern.

Paint a Rooster Tail and Body

Now on to painting the rooster tail and body. The tail is done with a double-loaded brush but don’t worry you can do a practice session on an inexpensive multi-media pad to get the hang of it. Paint a Rooster tail and body is here.

Paint Rooster tail

Paint a Rooster – the Feathers

The rooster feathers are where the real pop of color comes into this paintings. The bright yellows provided such a lovely contrast to the darker blues and black. The colors I have listed the colors I used but you are welcome to paint your rooster to your specifications.

Paint Golden feathers is located right here

Adding some details to the rooster painting, Pamela Groppe Art

Finish the Rooster

Add the final details and complete your rooster painting. It all comes together in this final tutorial. Enjoy!

Finish the Rooster Painting, adding aqua for pop

Congratulations, you have finished your Rooster Painting!

Watch the Complete Video Here

Please enjoy and share!

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  1. I love this rooster he is so colorful. I just painted it. I think it came out pretty good. I am a beginner.I wish I could send you a picture.

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