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Easy to Paint Evergreen Tree in Acrylics

Learn an Easy to Paint Evergreen Tree in Acrylics! You can do this, the scruffy brush makes it so fast and fun. A beginner friendly painting lesson. 

You can learn an easy to paint evergreen tree in just a few minutes. Create trees as a background for landscapes, winter scenes or for a jolly snowman!

hand painted evergreen tree in acrylics with text overlay, How to paint an Evergreen Tree, pamelagroppe.com

Previously, I shared how to paint a Fir tree with a round or flat brush last time, go here to see that post.

If you need some help with Basic Instructions on painting go HERE.


Trunk of the Evergreen Tree

painting an evergreen tree trunk in acrylics,

1.Start by painting the trunk of the tree with Burnt Umber (any dark brown will work) and Raw Sienna double loaded on the #10 flat brush. 

Don’t worry about it being perfect, most of it will be covered with foliage.

evergreen tree trunk painted in acrylics

Create Foliage

2. Double load the 3/4 in Scruffy brush with Thicket and Citrus Green. (the video at the end of this post will help you with that).  After loading the brush pounce some off on another surface to make sure you don’t have too much and it will apply the paint properly.

using a scruffy brush with green paint

3. Pounce the brush on edge starting at the top of the tree and working your way down making the foliage a bit wider across as you go. 

Painting an evergreen tree with a scruffy brush, pamela groppe art

4. Rock you brush from side to side as you pounce, each side has a different color.  If one side seems to be too much of one color go over it and add the other color. 

Note how this tree has mostly the Citrus Green (lighter green) on the left side

Evergreen tree hand painted, pamelagroppe.com

5. Come back in with only the Thicket (dark green) on the Scruffy brush and pounce it lighter over the Citrus Green

Now it looks more even.

Painted evergreen/fir tree in acrylics, pamela groppe art

Add snow if you like by pouncing on some white after the green has dried.  

And that is how simple it is to paint an Evergreen Tree with a Scruffy Brush. 

Brushes: Donna Dewberry Multi-Pack

Plaid FolkArt Paint (or colors you have)
Citrus Green
Burnt Umber
Raw Sienna
White for Snow

Happy Painting! 

Please enjoy and share!

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