Paint Pink Tulips Fast and Easy

Learn how to paint pink tulips fast and easy.  I show you step by step, one stroke at a time how you can easily paint these beautiful pink tulips. Create botanical art in acrylics! Great painting ideas for beginners.

Paint pink tulips, fast and easy, step by step.  This is one of the very first painting tutorials I create and the video is proof.  You can easily tell that I was a complete novice at creating videos but I learned so much by just doing and not waiting to be perfect before sharing. 

Learn how to paint tulips then join me over at Paint Pink Tulips in a Teacup for a fun design.

Pink Tulips in a Teacup acrylic painting

Note: See the new series, 10, 20, 30 minutes to paint!

You can start with a pattern as I did for the demo but you can also just sketch in some ovals for placement then paint the petals in layers.  

Look at a photo of some tulips and emulate placement of the petals. Remember we are not going for realism but an impression of them. 

Practice, practice, practice. This is my practice sheet before starting the tutorial.  I often do some practice strokes to get warmed up. 

Practice sheet painting tulips, How to Paint Tulips pamela groppe art

Paint Tulip Leaves & Stems

Let’s start with the leaves.  (want an entire post dedicated to Leaves, go here)

1.Double load the 3/4″ brush with DecoArt Americana Avocado Green and Citron (if you have other colors of green use them, these are just what I used in this demo). 
These are the back leaves.  Start at an angle, drag brush upward while applying pressure. 

paint brush with green paint on it beginning to paint tulip leaves, pamela groppe art

As you slide to the tip of the leaf, turn your brush at an angle and lift to a chisel edge creating a pointed end on the leaf. 

2. Start the second leaf slightly overlapping the first.

Painting tulip leaves, pamela groppe art

Note how you curve up to the point at the end of the leaf, they are not rigidly straight.

Painting tulip leaves in two colors of paint, one stroke, pamela groppe art

View the video for the rest of the leaves.  It is easier to see how to do the folding leaf in the video. 

3. Drag in some stems with the chisel edge of your flat brush. 

Paint the Pink Tulips

4. Switch to the #12 flat brush.  Double load with DecoArt Americana Royal Fuchsia and Snow White

Begin with the back petals and work forward. Using a scallop stroke paint in the back petal. (see this post for basic strokes and terminology)

painting back petals of pink tulip, pamela groppe art, how to paint pink tulips fast and easy

5. Continue to layer the back petals on until you have what you want.

more back petals of tulip painted on, pamela groppe art

6. Reload your brush and paint on the front petals. You can do right or left, I started with the left.
I stroked up to a point at the top then came back down.

painting front petals on tulips, pamela groppe art, how to paint pink tulips

7. Paint the next petal on the other side.

pink painted tulip, pamela groppe art

I did some modified S strokes following the contour of the petals.

8. Do the same with the second tulip.

9. Paint the back petals first, then start one the front.
Notice I did not bring the left front petal stroke back down as I did the first.

For more on the rest of the tulips please view the video. 

Supply list:
Brushes: One Stroke Brush Set
DecoArt Americana:
Avocado Green
Citron Green
Royal Fuchsia
Titanium White
Brush Basin
Canson Mix Media Paper

Happy Painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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  1. Hi Pamela. Thank you for such lovely lessons. Do you ever do pencil drawings?
    I would like to do some for the back of envelopes to encourage people to visit JW.org. In addition to writing our neighbors others can see our website and find comfort in these difficult times we live in.

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