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Paint a Fall Leaf Wreath

Paint a Fall leaf wreath one easy stroke at a time. Easy painting tutorial in acrylics for autumn leaves. Beginner friendly.

Want to paint a Fall leaf wreath? This simple painting tutorial will get you started quickly and easily.

Painted Fall Leaf Wreath on Black Canvas

This Fall leaf wreath design is painted on a 14 in gallery wrapped canvas base painted with Black acrylic paint by Ceramcoat.

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Paint undercoat for Fall Leaves

Since yellows, oranges, and reds are not opaque they can become dull looking when painted on dark surfaces, like this black canvas.

To make sure they turn out bright and beautiful the extra step of undercoating the leaves with white is important.

Put on some music or something else you find relaxing and just fill in the leaf shapes with Wicker White. For this step use a #12 flat brush or size to suit you.

Fall leaves under coated in Wicker White acrylic paint

Base Paint Leaves

Next up you will want to base paint your leaves with some Fall colors with a #12 flat brush.

Fall leaf wreath base painted with autumn colors

The deeply lobed oak leaves were base painted with School Bus yellow, the Maple leaves in Autumn Leaves and the rest of the leaves were base painted with Yellow Ocher. Also, the acorns were based with Yellow Ocher.

You can choose your own base colors as you wish. These are just what I used. Feel free to mix it up.

Base paint the Acorn caps with Burnt Umber and a #6 or 8 flat brush.

Paint acorn caps with Burnt Umber

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Are you new here and don’t know the basics? Try this post for some help!

After the Burnt Umber has dried you can dab on some Camel, Linen mixed with Burnt Umber, or another tan color with the corner of your brush to create a texture on the caps.

Add some shadows and highlights to the Acorns. The video shows this very well.

Paint Maple Leaves

Now using the #12 flat brush, double load with Autumn Leaves and Berry Wine.

With the Berry Wine side along the outer edge of the leaf design, paint the leaf with a slight wiggle of the brush.

You need to keep your eye on the outer edge as you glide the brush along. Reload as necessary. (the video at the end of this post will be most helpful in showing you how the brush moves)

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Paint maple leaves with Autumn Leaves and Berry Wine

Let the leaf dry.

Next come back with a liner brush and inky Berry Wine paint, stroke in the veining on the Maple leaf.

Add leaf veins with liner brush and Berry Wine

Paint the Oak Leaves

Now you will use the #12 flat brush, double load it with School Bus Yellow and Gilded Oak Plaid FolkArt paint.

Following the outside edge of the leaf stroke the paint on with the Gilded Oak to the outside.

Paint the oak leaf

Paint spray of leaves

Paint both sides of the oak leaf. You can bring in veins if you wish or leave it without.

The small spray of leaves is painted in Citrus Green and School Bus Yellow.

Using a #10 flat or size you are comfy with paint the leaves with a slight wiggle stroke. Citrus Green to the outside edge.

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Paint leaf spray with citrus green and school bus yellow

Paint Smaller oak leaves

The smaller oak leaves are so satisfying to paint. You just smooth on the paint like spreading icing on a cake.

Double load the #12 flat brush with Autumn Leaves and Yellow Ocher. Add a touch of School Bus yellow to the Yellow Ocher to give it a touch of bright color.

With the Autumn Leaves to the outside edge just glide the paint on smoothly, keeping your eye on the outside edge and to stroke.

Paint smaller oak leaves

Don’t be confused in the video, I first started these leaves with some more golden colors then changed them as I did not like how it looked the first time around.

Add veining with a liner brush and School Bus yellow.

Adding veins to the smaller oak leaves with a liner brush.

Paint rounded leaves

In this design, the two rounder leaves are painted using different colors.

One is painted with Autumn Leaves in the center with the brighter School Bus yellow to the outer edge and the other is painted with Citrus Green and School Bus yellow, with the green to the outer edge.

Using the #12 flat brush and a wiggle stroke just paint on the colors of choice.

You can add veining if you wish or leave them without. The option is yours.

If you need a bit more help go ahead and check out the Leaf Painting post all about painting leaves.

Rounder leaves painted

Paint Berries

Use a dauber (they come in many sizes) or using something like a pencil eraser add berries to the design.

Start with various size dots with Berry Wine.

Paint berries on design with a dauber and pencil eraser

Let the berries dry. Once they are dry add Alizarin Crimson to some of the berries using the same dauber or tool. Just layer it on top of the Berry Wine color.

You can do this to all the berries if you like or you can leave some darker as I did for variation.

brighten berries with Alizarin crimson using same dauber

Let that dry thoroughly.

Using a liner brush and Wicker White add just a touch of light to the berries. Again you can leave some without the highlight for variation.

Highlight berries with a touch of wicker white

Ready for the video, it may clear up any questions you may have.

Happy Painting!

The pattern and supply list are available below, just sign up or sign in to access them. The traceable pattern is of the leaves, you will place them on the circle as you please

Paint Supplies for Fall Leaf Wreath

Yield: 1

Paint a Fall Leaf Wreath

Painted Fall Leaf Wreath on Black Canvas

Paint a Fall Leaf Wreath one stroke at a time. Painting tutorial with several leaf shapes to create this beautiful wreath in Fall colors. Add it to your seasonal decor, paint them on a sign, canvas painting or gift items.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 10 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Background: Ceramcoat Black
  • Plaid Folk Art colors:
  • Wicker White
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Yellow Ocher
  • Gilded Oak
  • School Bus or Moon Yellow
  • Daffodil Yellow
  • Citrus Green
  • Linen
  • Burnt Umber
  • Berry Wine
  • Alizarin Crimson or Apple Red
  • Surface 14 x 14 gallery wrapped canvas


  • Brushes
  • Donna Dewberry One Stroke:
  • #12 flat
  • #8 flat
  • Liner
  • Dauber for berries


  1. Paint Canvas Black, let dry
  2. Undercoat design with Wicker White
  3. Base paint design with Fall colors
  4. Paint Oak Leaf with golden colors
  5. Paint Maple leaf with reddish orange colors
  6. Paint Leaf spray with green and golden colors
  7. Paint Acorns with dark brown and tan colors
  8. Paint Smaller oak leaves with gold and orangish color
  9. Paint rounder leaves in colors of choice
  10. Paint berries with Berry Wine, red and wicker white for highlight
  11. Add vines here and there as an accent.
  12. add protective varnish or finish of choice


Colors are optional, you can use what you have and even paint this leaf wreath on a different background color. Mix it up and have fun.

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Background: Ceramcoat Black
Plaid Folk Art colors:
Wicker White
Autumn Leaves
Yellow Ocher
Gilded Oak
School Bus or Moon Yellow
Daffodil Yellow
Citrus Green
Burnt Umber

Berry Wine
Alizarin Crimson or Apple Red
Donna Dewberry One Stroke:
#12 flat
#8 flat
Dauber for berries
Surface 14 x 14 gallery wrapped canvas

Traceable Pattern for Fall Leaves to Create Wreath

Fall Leaf wreath on black background painted in acrylics, text overlay Paint a Fall Leaf Wreath, easy, with video, PamelaGroppe.com

Please enjoy and share!

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