Let’s Paint a Snowman

Let’s paint a snowman! An easy step by step tutorial with a video link at the end so you can easily paint a snowman yourself. Create signs, paint on fabric or have a paint party.

Let’s paint a snowman face! I love painting a snowman or snow woman, in various ways.  I will post a full body version soon but you will enjoy this little guy too.

Let’s get started…

I painted on wood scraps I had on hand but you can use small canvas, paper or whatever your heart desires.  A full list of supplies is shown below.

Base Paint the Background

I base painted the surface with Sky Blue, any light blue will work.  Actually any color you want will work other than white for obvious reasons.

Paint the Snowman head

Using the scruffy brush, tap on the white paint in a circular pattern, as if the snowman is peeking in from the side.

Beginning of snowman painting tutorial

Draw Snowman Details

You can sketch on his hat, in this case I wanted it to look like an upturned bucket.  I double loaded my #12 flat brush with black and some white and blended it a bit then stroked it on the surface in horizontal lines.

Let's Paint a Snowman

Don’t worry about being perfect.

Fill In the Bucket hat

I fill it all in and blend the colors a bit more by stroking back over it.  I add a couple of lighter lines with the chisel edge of my brush to be the ridges on the bucket.

Line Work & Eyes

With my liner I paint on the handle of the bucket in a mix of black and white paint.
I decided my bucket was much too dark and added in some streaky white to lighten it, then added some darker lines with the chisel edge of the brush for the bottom edge and along the one ridge where the handle meets the bucket.
His eyes are just little black ovals.

Paint a Snowman Carrot Nose

His carrot nose in stroked on in orange, the edges are rough and not a straight line.  Add come diluted white streaks and the burnt umber lines in inky paint with the script liner.  It just gives his carroty nose some character.

Let's Paint a Snowman

Frost and Snowflakes

I added a bit of frost to the bucket and handle with the small scruffy brush and white paint tapped on.
For the final touch I added some snowflakes…

Snowflakes on snowman painting, Let's Paint a Snowman

DecoArt Americana Paints
Tangelo Orange
Titanium White
Primary Red
FolkArt Paints
Burnt Umber
Sky Blue

Donna Dewberry One Stroke Brush set
Note: the set linked to above has a script liner in it, I am just so ham handed I need a much skinnier one so I linked to the skinnier one below but you could do just fine with the one in the Donna Dewberry set.  The flat brushes you will need are also in the set above.
Liner brush
Brush Caddy


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Happy Painting!

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Let's paint a Snowman, easy beginner tutorial on how to paint a snowman in acrylics

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  1. I’ve painted the little snowman and it turned out too cute. I wish there was a way to show him to you. Thank you for the tutorial.

  2. I’m having a paint party for my daughter this Friday and she loves this painting and video! I just requested to join your fb page so I can share the finished paintings next week!

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