How to Paint Fall Leaves for Autumn Decor

Learn how to paint Fall leaves and add them to all kinds of Autumn DIY decor, crafts, and DIYs.

Paint Fall leaves on coasters, table runners, add them to fun signs, you name it! Switch up the colors and make them unique. Easy enough for beginners, and fun enough for everyone.

Learning to paint Fall leaves is easy to do and oh-so fun. The video makes it easier to see how the brush moves along.

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Hand painted Fall leaves being painted and on a wood plank with text overlay, Paint Fall Leaves, printable pattern available, pamelagroppe.com. Free video

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Fall Scrabble DIY art hand painted sign

For a complete list of my most used painting supplies CLICK HERE. I have a check list you can download and print.
I painted my leaves on painted wood for a sign like these Scrabble tiles..
To see that post click here FUN DIY SCRABBLE TILE ART

Get Started painting leaves

Outline of maple leaf to paint

So let’s learn How to Paint Fall leaves!
1. Start with the design.  I actually copied a leaf from a Maple tree to make mine. A free printable pattern is available in the resources page.  A form below is available to fill out if you don’t already have the password.

2. Place it on top the surface to paint. With graphite paper trace along the outline.  This is a guideline but I don’t follow it exactly.

Load Brush with Paint

3. Double-load your brush with Georgia Clay and Spicy Mustard.  Start from the base of the leaf and using mostly the chisel edge of the brush and wide sweeping strokes.

Beginning of stroke on How to Paint Fall Leaves

Wiggle the brush in and out dramatically keeping an eye on the outer edge.  In the leaf segments try to make a pointy tip.

4. Come back to the center and wiggle on to the next leaf segment. You may have to reload the brush with paint at intervals along the way.

Use Correct size Brush

Center of leaf stroke on How to Paint Fall Leaves
End of tip stroke on How to Paint Fall Leaves

In this photo demo I am actually using too small of a brush but in the video you will see how I am covering the center much better.

5. Proceed to the very tip of the leaf, wiggling deeply  on the chisel edge to get the outside of the leaf serrated as much as possible.
6. End at the tip.  (ignore the portion below the tip, I had started in a wrong spot.) Where my brush tip is in this shot below is where I end this half of the leaf. 

Second Half of Leaf

paint second side on How to Paint Fall Leaves
 stroke second side of leaf on How to Paint Fall Leaves
Pull stem into leaf on How to Paint Fall Leaves

7. Reload the brush. At the base of your leaf start the other side, working and wiggling your brush along the segments as you did the previous side.

This can take a bit of practice but if you do it on a painted surface and you goof up you can wash it off with a rag and begin again.  I did.

8. End at the tip and make sure they meet, sometimes I end up with two tips and have to go over them. (I actually do that in the video)
And here you have your leaf.  It looks wonky in the middle because my brush was not large enough but you get the picture. In the video I am using the correct size brush for this size leaf.

Make Yours Unique

three maple leaves painted on board, How to Paint Fall Leaves

So now you can mix up the colors and paint a collection of leaves. 

I painted a window with Fall Leaves over on my sister website FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com that is Home & Garden DIY.
Now you know how to paint fall leaves then grab your pattern!

The leaf pattern is available below, sign in or sign up for free access.

Maple Leaf Painting Traceable

free download and print

Paint Maple Leaves

Just download and print to get started painting Maple Leaves in glorious Fall colors. Add to hand-painted signs, painting or other fun crafts!

Happy Painting!

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Please enjoy and share!

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  1. I like the leaves on the dark board. Do you think I can use Acrylic paints instead of decor ? I have acrylic and water paints, I would like to make this for my daughter with a welcome for a sign.
    Thank you for sharing .

  2. Nice tutorial. I guess it does not hurt to get a head start on Fall things..it will be here before you know it. The holidays are close at hand too! Suggestions for painting gifts would be helpful.
    Thank you for all you do to help us become better artists!!

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