Paint Hydrangeas in Acrylics

Learn to Paint Hydrangeas in acrylics. Step-by-step painting tutorial for easy pink hydrangeas.

Learn to paint hydrangeas in acrylics fast and easy. Easy step-by-step painting tutorial, one stroke at a time, and with a few tips and tricks you can be successful in short order.

Create a DIY hand-painted sign for yourself or as a gift for friends or family. 

Just FYI, this was just moved from my former site.  It is one of the first lessons I ever did and was posted in 2013. 

My video quality shows how far I have come but this tutorial is still one of my most visited.  I don’t know if that is good or bad. The lesson taught is still good so I finally got it switched over to this site. 

hand painted pink hydrangeas with text overlay, Paint Hydrangeas fast and easy, pamela groppe art

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Draw Placement

Start with drawing on some loose circles with the chisel edge of the paintbrush. No need for them to be perfect circles, hydrangeas can be oval shaped too.

Keep working on them until you feel they are the right size to fit the scale of my sign or design.

Keep it loose and carefree.

based in lines to paint hydrangeas, pamela groppe art

Painting hydrangea Leaves

Paint in some leaves to sit behind the flowers.

Need help painting leaves? (link at bottom of this post to How to Paint Leaves).  This is a version of my scallop leaf.

Leaves added to hydrangea painting on wood

Underpainting Hydrangea Flowers

Paint in some color, darker at the bottom and lighter at the top for shadowing and highlighting.

Base painting of hydrangeas

Painting Hydrangea Petals

Paint a simple five-petal flower. In this case, I used a #6 filbert brush but you can use whatever size fits your design. I prefer larger petals so I would go with a larger brush for this. 

A five-petal flower is simple.  Imagine a stick figure man. The first stroke is the head. Then two arms on each side of the head.

Next paint the legs. And you have a 5 petal flower. 

3 steps for 5 petal flower how to paint hydrangeas

Starting with the darker color I paint some hydrangea petals along the bottom and some on the outside edges.

Dark petals being painting on pink hydrangeas

Once satisfied with the number of dark hydrangea flowers or petals start working on the lighter ones.

Painting on the lighter petals of the pink hydrangeas

I will work in a tad of green here and there. Keep adding flowers or petals until the underpainting is mostly covered.

Painting of pink hydrangeas on board, petals all added

Paint Pink Hydrangea Centers

Last but not least add some little dots for the flower centers with a liner brush.

painting centers on pink hydrangeas one easy stroke at a time

Stand back and see if you need to add or change anything.  Sometimes you need to just step away for a bit and come back.

Many times walking away and coming back reveals you are really done.

Painted pink hydrangeas on a crackled background


If you are making this into a sign then add the lettering once you flowers have dried.  Here is a post on lettering. 

You get the idea in this video below.  Just remember this is one of the very first videos I ever created and it is pretty rough. 

Paint Hydrangeas video

Here is a better video

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My basic Supplies, helpful in getting started

FolkArt Thicket  or DecoArt EverGreen
Ceramcoat Wedgewood, or DecoArt Celery
Hydrangea blooms
FolkArt Magenta,
FolkArt Baby Pink or DecoArt Bubble Gum Pink
Wicker White or DecoArt Titanium White
Royal Majestic Filbert set.
Donna Dewberry Brush set

Please enjoy and share!

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