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Paint Golden Feathers

We are going to paint the golden feathers on the Rooster. This is part of the 10, 20, 30 minutes to paint series, the Rooster. This segment will take about 20 minutes.

Ready to add a golden gleam to our pretty rooster feathers? Today we paint Golden Feathers on our Rooster! We will also touch on a few other areas. This painting lesson is about 20 minutes long but you could easily pause in the middle if you like.

Paint golden feathers on Rooster, pamela groppe art

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Note: for Basic Brush Stroke instructions just press here.

Paint Supplies for this segment

Donna Dewberry one stroke brush set
Plaid Folk Art Paint:
Yellow Ocher
School Bus Yellow
Pure Orange
Cardinal Red
Raw Sienna

Recoat comb and wattle

Using Cardinal red and the #10 flat brush add another layer of paint to the Roosters comb and wattle. This will brighten the red a touch. Add a touch of Pure Orange to give some highlights.

Painting another layer of cardinal red on rooster comb and wattle, pamela groppe art

Under tail Feathers

We will be using, primarily, the #10 flat brush but if you wish you could also use the #12. Use whichever brush is comfy for you in these areas.

Double load the flat brush with Raw Sienna and Yellow Ocher. With the Yellow Ocher leading, create feathers in the area under the tail using chisel strokes.

Paint under tail area with raw sienna and yellow ocher

Once you have stroked in the lowest feathers, reload the brush and overlap them with the same type chisel strokes but lead with the Raw Sienna. Can you see the difference in color, merely by flipping the brush?

Bum and Neck Feathers

To paint the bum feathers, start with the same two colors, Raw Sienna and Yellow Ocher. Using chisel strokes build the feathers upwards just as you did the previous section. Add a touch of School bus yellow to add a touch of brightness to the yellows.

As you get higher add a touch of Pure Orange and Cardinal Red in with some strokes.

Add golden feathers to the rooster neck

On the neck feathers begin with some Raw Sienna and Yellow Ocher along with the cardinal red and Pure Orange to create depth along the bottom edge. Add School Bus yellow as you get a bit higher.

Right below the comb go back to a tad darker color, just a touch. Do no over stroke or fill in every single gap, let some of the under coat show through.

Highlight Comb and Wattle

Using a blend of Cardinal Red and Pure orange, touch in some highlights on the Rooster comb and wattle. If you feel it is not light enough touch in just Pure orange.

Using the corner of your brush and Yellow Ocher recoat the eye and beak.

Highlight the rooster comb and wattle with pure orange

Add a touch of Raw Sienna on one corner of your brush and bring in some shading on the right side of the legs and the bottom edge of his beak.

Deepen the Tail

Using Licorice alone and the #12 flat brush, pull some strokes along the base of some of the tail feathers. This will add some drama and deepen the color on some. Don’t do this to every tail feather, only on some.

Add black to Rooster tail

Our rooster is really starting to come together!

Punch up the color!

I want my rooster to be bright and beautiful. Using the flat brush loaded with Yellow Ocher and Raw Sienna add a touch of Cardinal Red and Pure Orange paint in the lowest feathers on his bum again.

The next layer should be Yellow Ocher and School Bus Yellow, that should really brighten things up.

Add a punch of color to the rooster

Go over the Bum feathers as well. Start with Yellow ocher and Raw sienna, add School Bus Yellow where you wish to brighten and a touch of Cardinal red to add punch. Layer the feather strokes. Remember to use the chisel edge of the brush.

If the bristle begin to splay and make the strokes wide then clean the brush and reload.

The very top layer is just School Bus Yellow and Cardinal.

Tail Detail

Right at the apex of where the tail feathers emerge is a small tuft of feathers. Use Wicker White to stroke in narrow fluffy feathers.

white fluffy feathers on top of tail are added to rooster

Clean brush and reload with Yellow Ocher and Raw Sienna, add in a touch of School Bus yellow and Cardinal. Add a few chisel strokes over the white, yet shorter. Add a quick stroke on the tail for a bit of detail.

And that is it for this segment.

To follow along as I paint this part just click on the video.

Please enjoy and share!

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  1. Would love to try the rooster paintings, but the instructions come thru with no pictures. Every lesson is the same – no pictures. I have tried multiple times and at different times of the day. I could download and copy and print the pattern but . . .

    What am I doing wrong? I have not had this problem before.

  2. Absolutely LOVE your lessons! The steps are easy to follow, the colors are awesome! Thank you for all you do! Keep up the great work! ❤❤

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