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How to Paint a Chickadee in Acrylics

How to paint a chickadee in acrylics one easy stroke at a time.  Simple enough for a beginner! Video included.  This tutorial takes you through each step.

This easy how to paint a chickadee in acrylics tutorial is easy and fun.  Paint chickadees on gifts, greeting cards or on  a canvas painting.

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how to paint a chickadee

Okay lets get started!


Click here for a complete list of basic supplies I use.

Surface to paint on. (you can paint on canvas, wood board or make greeting cards). In this demo I used a piece of pine wood, stained.  I don’t always seal the wood but if I do it is with the rustoleum spar urethane (waterbase) in matte.

#6 flat brush (comes in the Donna Dewberry brush set or the Majestic brush set)
10/1 liner brush by Majestic
White transfer paper

Bottle Craft Acrylics
DecoArt Americana
Titanium White
Raw Sienna (though in the video I say Burnt Sienna, I was wrong)
On the second smaller painting in the step by step I used Antique Gold instead of Raw
Celery Green
Cranberry Wine

1. Transfer your pattern to your surface.  I used a white transfer paper since this is a dark surface but if you are going to paint on a light surface you would use a dark transfer paper.

2. Double load #6 flat brush with white and black. (need instructions on the basics like loading the brush, Click here) 3. Paint in the tail feathers using choppy strokes, use the chisel edge of your brush.  You can see the black and white on each corner of the brush. Lead with the lighter color.

painting a chickadee in acrylics tutorial

4. Add more white to the brush to lighten and start stroking in with short choppy strokes the wing feathers..they should be a lighter grey than the tail.

painting a chickadee in acrylics tutorial

5. Keep adding the grey until you have the wing filled in.

painting a chickadee in acrylics tutorial, pamelagroppe.com

6. Add a bit more black and drag in the black streak on the wing.

7. Clean the brush then double load with white and Raw Sienna (or Antique Gold).

painting a chickadee in acrylics tutorial
painting a chickadee in acrylics tutorial

8. With the same choppy strokes paint in the belly starting from the end working up towards the neck.

9. Clean your brush, load with just white to paint on the neck feathers at the top of the belly. A little Gold will mix in as the belly is still wet but that is okay. But for the cheek make sure you only have pure white in your brush and stroke in the white cheek.

painting a chickadee in acrylics tutorial

10. Clean the brush and load with black.  Paint on the head and neck working around the eye. (in the video I actually paint in the eye part first but don’t let that throw you)

11. With the liner brush and burnt umber paint in the circle of the eye.

12. Still using the liner brush paint a thin line of white along the bottom rim (on one bird I brought the white line up half way around the eye)  You decide what it needs.

painting a chickadee in acrylics tutorial

13. With the tip of your liner place a dot of white on the burnt umber for a bright spot.

14. Add in his little feet in burnt umber or black.

15. Let dry and finish with a cream wax or varathane. (my supply list has my favorite).

And that is it!

Want a step by step workbook of this post with bonus content? Just press here!

chickadee painted on small wood square

Paint an Aspen tree for your chickadee to sit in

chickadee and cardinal in an Aspen tree painting, How to Paint an Aspen tree

Happy Painting!

Chickadee painting with text overlay, how to Paint a Chickadee, with video, its easier than you think, pamela groppe art

Please enjoy and share!

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  1. Okay, I found your art! Great instructions and I especially like that you simply used wood instead of canvas or another manufactured board.

    I love painting Chickadees! Have you seen Andrea Lavery and Kim Smith’s Chickadees
    and cows, etc. So whimsical and makes me feel good…….I’ve painted a few on my own…so many things to do………….

    I want to check out your she-shed. My shed is a potting shed presently (and a mess!).

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