Paint Hydrangeas in a Terra Cotta Pot

It’s time to paint hydrangeas in your terra cotta pot that I showed you how to paint.  This is part of a series of paintings so stayed tuned for the next segment!

How to Paint Hydrangeas in a Terra Cotta pot is a follow on to the tutorial for the Terra Cotta Pot and is the first of a 3 part series where I demo painting different flowers in the terra cotta pot.

acrylic painting of purple hydrangeas in a terra cotta pot with text overlay, Fast and easy, Paint Hyrdrangeas, pamelagroppe.com

Click here for how to paint your clay pot.

A full supply list and pattern is available at the end of this post.

Paint Hydrangeas in a Terra Cotta Pot

To get started with a 3/4″ scruffy brush or a spone pounce your dark purple color into the basic shape you want your hydrangeas to be.  Try not to be perfect, rarely are they all exactly the same in nature.

paint Hydrangea Leaves

If you have not already paint in your leaves, I usually like to place the leaves in first so they sit behind my flowers but I got ahead of myself here.
Click here for a complete tutorial on How to Paint Leaves.  Don’t worry, if you don’t want to click over now I will link it again at the end of this post.

Here I used a large scallop leaf and a few slider leaves.

Purple hydrangeas beginning, Paint Hydrangeas in a Terra Cotta Pot

Outer Petals

Start with your dark purple (Eggplant) and a #8 filbert brush, to make tear drop petal strokes. Work from the outside of your background shape in toward the center.  You do not need to make full flower shapes yet, just partial, most of them will get covered a bit.
Need to learn basic strokes? Try this post

Purple hydrangeas beginning petals, Paint Hydrangeas in a Terra Cotta Pot

Lighter Petals

Once you have a good amount of partial flowers and petals around the outside edge you can pick up the next lighter color (Lavender), don’t clean your brush unless it has gotten too gloppy. We want the Eggplant color and Lavender to blend as you add these lighter petals.

Start these petals a bit more towards the middle and not on the outside edge.  You are building towards the center. (you will get a better idea from my video below)

Purple hydrangeas beginning petals, lighter color, Paint Hydrangeas in a Terra Cotta Pot

Once you are content with the amount of lavender petals (flowers) move to your next lighter color, Light Lavender.  Paint paint your flowers and petals in more of the center.  Take a look at the other blooms and you can see how the flowers are built from dark to light.

You can build your bloom how you like, the lightest color does not have to be centered exactly.

Purple hydrangeas beginning petals, lighter color, Paint Hydrangeas in a Terra Cotta Pot

Paint Hydrangea Highlights

To put in a spark add white to your brush and pull a few bright flowers in the very center.  Just a few.  They will still have the light lavender in them but white just adds that last touch of brightness.

Purple hydrangeas beginning petals, highlights, Paint Hydrangeas in a Terra Cotta Pot


Last but not least a few details to finish it off.

With a script liner add a few dots to indicate centers of the flowers.  I used Citrus Green.

Purple hydrangeas details, Paint Hydrangeas in a Terra Cotta Pot

Next with the same brush add some curliques and vines (optional) and now you have hydrangeas in a flower pot!

The second “flower in a pot” in this series is now up, See it Here

Supply List:

Brushes, I used a #8 filbert for the flowers

Brushes for leaves & stems

Plaid FolkArt Multi Surface
Light Lavender
Wicker White
Citrus Green

You can use whatever paints you have in like colors.

The simple pattern for this is in my Resource Library exclusively for my subscribers.  Fill out the form below to gain access.

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Happy Painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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  1. Love the hydrangeas in the pot.
    Would there be any difference if the flowers were in a clear vase, referring to the stems and leaves? Just wondering how thick the stems would be and leaves. Could not find any photo
    that was useful.
    Thank you for your input!!!!!

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