Paint Morning Glories

How to Paint Morning Glories, one stroke at a time in acrylics.  Morning Glory flowers are a gorgeous subject to paint and easier than you think!

I had a custom order sign I was working on and it included Morning Glories.  So it was as good a time as any to create a How to Paint Morning Glories post and show you all how I do it.

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This is the sign I was working on, it reads Potting Shed.

Morning Glory painting on white background

When I was videoing, I messed up the second half of the Morning Glory facing away from us and I had to remake it,  the sound is a bit off so you will have to turn up your volume for that part.  But it is better than the first take, where I had my mic completely turned off.  (head slap)

Transfer Pattern to Paint Morning Glories

My pattern is available below in my exclusive content club.

Start with your transferred pattern.  I keep the lines light so it is easier to cover over with paint.  

Some colors are not as opaque as others so getting coverage over dark graphite lines can be challenging.  If I do get them too dark I use a Magic Eraser

Outline of morning glory to be painted, How to paint Morning Glories

Paint the Morning Glory Flowers

Using Light Blue and your #8 flat brush fill in the outline of your flower. It does not have to be exact, just fill in. This is demo’ing on the bloom facing away from us.  After filling in with the light blue I come back in with some Look At Me Blue on one corner of my brush to shadow along the upper edge.  To get a deeper shadow in some areas I use Cobalt Blue.

Light blue undercoat of morning glory painting, How to paint Morning Glories

Fill in the turned back part of the flower in the Light Blue, add a touch of white to the center part to give it some curl. (if confused the second half of the video demos add the white)

How to paint Morning Glories

Shadows & Highlights

Add shadows and highlights as needed.


Add the calyx with a double load of the dark green, Thicket, and the lighter green.
You can see the darker blue down by the Calyx, that is Cobalt Blue.

Add the calyx to morning glory painting, How to paint Morning Glories

Different Angle

Now to the one facing forward.  It is only slightly different.

Outline of morning glory to be painting, How to paint Morning Glories


Again fill in with the light blue following the outline.  Add in some Look at Me Blue along edges you wish a bit darker.

Painting in outline of morning glory painting, How to paint Morning Glories

Shade and highlight as needed. Following the contours of the bloom.  The center is a lighter shade so add white as needed.

Fill in center of Morning Glory, How to paint Morning Glories

Add the calyx using a slider leaf stroke. (click link for full tutorial on leaves)

How to paint Morning Glories

When you are content with your bloom add the yellow dot to the center with the corner of your brush.

Center detail on painted morning glory, How to paint Morning Glories

There are all sorts of colors of Morning Glories, so mix up the colors.

Morning glory being painted with text, How to Paint Morning Glories

Here is the video for you to enjoy.


Plaid Folk Art Paint
Light Blue
Look at Me Blue
Cobalt Blue
Wicker White (titanium white will work as well)
Clover (or any lighter green, like Wedgewood)
Graphite Paper

Donna Dewberry One stroke brushes #8 flat

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Here is the printable pattern for you to trace: Morning Glories Pattern

Paint this today!

Morning Glory Traceable Pattern

Grab the free printable pattern to trace and start painting beautiful Morning Glories!

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Happy Painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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