Paint Lilacs – Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Learn how to paint lilacs in acrylics. Easy step by step painting tutorial with free video. Beginner friendly paint lesson.

Well, are you ready for a fast and easy painting tutorial in acrylics?

Pair this lilac painting tutorial with the Paint Pink Roses

Now I demo the lilacs.

How to paint lilacs in acrylics feature

Base paint shape of Lilac

Using a scruffy brush, start with pouncing a conical shape in a darker color,
in this case Dioxazine Purple. As you can see, it is very dark.

paint lilacs in acrylics

Paint petals of lilacs

Next take a filbert brush (also called a ‘cat’s tongue’ or a small flat brush, load with paint (you can double load or single, up to you) and paint small petals.

See at the end of this post, it really shows you how to move your brush.

Add petals to lilac painting

New here and need help with double loading and other painting terms? See the Basic Brush strokes page.

how to paint lilacs in acrylics, adding petals

Press, drag and lift to a point to make a simple little 4 or 5 petal flower. Make some half flowers by only making three petals.

Add lighter paint as you layer petals

Lighten the color of you paint as you layer, the center flowers should be the lightest.

That draws the image forward giving it a more conical shape to the eye.

Just keep layering the flowers on leaving some darker space showing.

Layering petals, how to paint lilacs in acrylics

As you add the lighter color stroke over some of the first flowers.
Fill in with flowers all the way to the tip of the lilac.

Add centers to lilac flowers, paint lilacs in acrylics

Paint Lilac details

Add the dots with a liner brush for the flower centers, and some little twiggy strokes.

You can get a better feel for it from this video or the one shown below.

A pattern packet for purchase is available here, Roses and Lilacs Garden sign

And just for fun,
here is an example of a sign painted with a different color of lilacs.

Paint Pink Roses
lilacs and roses painted on a crackled background, pamela groppe art

Please enjoy and share!

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