How to Paint a Mason Jar

Paint a Mason Jar in acrylics. This easy tutorial will show you how to create a painting of a mason or glass jar one stroke at a time. Change the shape and you have a glass vase.

Learning to paint a Mason Jar is much easier than it sounds. You are basically creating a shape with transparent paint.

Paint it free hand, or follow the outline I have for you in the resource library.

For this painting tutorial I chose an Aqua color for the jar but you can use what you like.

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Paint Supplies for Mason Jar

The paint used in this tutorial is Plaid Folk Art
Wicker White
Floating Medium
Brush: Donna Dewberry One Stroke 3/4″ Flat

folk art paint, flat brush and palette paper

Paint a Mason Jar

mason jars painted in acrylics


  • Plaid Folk Art Paint
  • Aqua
  • Wicker White
  • Floating Medium
  • Surface of choice


  • Donna Dewberry 3/4" flat brush


  1. Load brush with floating medium
  2. Add Aqua to one corner, blend
  3. Draw rim/neck of jar with transparent paint
  4. Reload with floating medium and paint as needed
  5. Stroke on side, bottom and other side of jar
  6. Bottom should have a slight arc to mimic a curve
  7. Add lines of paint with chisel edge of brush to neck of jar
  8. Add bottom back of jar
  9. Create water line
  10. Add highlights with Wicker White


You can change the colors of the glass jar or vase at will, the choice is yours.

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Load brush to paint

Dampen the 3/4″ brush and dab excess water off with dry towel. Load the brush with Floating Medium.

Dip paint brush into floating medium

Take the brush to the puddle of Aqua and load a touch into the corner of the brush.

Blend into the brush by stroking back and forth on the palette. The Aqua will begin to migrate towards the center.

You don’t want it to migrate far so do not over stroke in place.

Load paint brush on corner with Aqua paint, blenc

Paint in Shape of Mason Jar

Start on the rim of the jar. With the Aqua corner of the brush draw a rectangle shape, round the corners a touch as you stroke the lines.

Paint jar neck in a rectangle shape

Reload the brush with Aqua on the corner as needed. You may or may not need to reload with floating medium.

Adding more floating medium depends upon your painting surface. Some absorb paint fast, like this Multi Media pad I am using in the photo and a painted surface would not absorb as much.

Pull down the side of the jar with with the Aqua corner to the outside.

Paint side of jar with aqua loaded brush

Pull the bottom across partway. The bottom has a faint arc. Mason jars are curved not flat.

Pull paint across bottom of jar in a slight curve

Keep reloading your brush as necessary. Some areas of the lines of the jar will be darker than others. That is good, don’t try to get them all the same opacity.

Pull the right side of the jar down and across to meet the line of the bottom.

paint down other side of jar meeting at the bottom

Pull short lines across the rim to mimic the threads for the jar lid.

with chisel edge paint lid ridges on jar neck

You can fill in with the transparent mix of Aqua and floating medium. Or you can just add touches of the color here and there. The choice is yours.

Note: when painting a floral arrangement in a jar you would add more color after you have some stems in the jar.

Paint the back of the bottom jar in an upward curve.

fill in body of jar with transparent paint

The water line is create much like the bottom of the jar. In this example I gave it a bit too much of a curve but it gives you an idea.

create water line on jar
paint bottom of jar visible through the glass

With a touch of Wicker White stroke in a few highlights where you think the light is striking.

It is hard to see in this but the highlight is on the upper left shoulder of the jar.

Remember to follow the contour of the jar.

create highlights with wicker white on corner of brush

You can also add highlights to the body of the jar. (the video linked will help you see what I mean better, it is at the end of this post.)

finished painting of a mason jar

And that is the basics of painting a jar or vase. The printable pattern you can use has a narrower rim but you paint it the same.

Mason Jars on Canvas

mason jars painted in acrylics

Stay tuned for some workshops coming up of different bouquets in Mason Jars!

Mason Jar painting with flowers

Or take a chance and try to paint black eye susans in a jar or maybe you can try to paint some Iris. Be adventurous and paint roses with Strawberries or Pears!

Printable pattern is in the Resource Library for subscribers.

Happy Painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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