Fall Scrabble Art DIY

You can create fun seasonal decor when you Paint Fall Scrabble art. Paint simple wood squares and turn them into this Autumn Scrabble-inspired art. You can easily switch out the painted motifs and lettering for different seasons.

This DIY Fall Scrabble art is a fairly quick and easy project that is reversible and can be made with any word you wish.  Easy to paint, crackle, and distressed finish for your rustic, farmhouse, and/or cottage decor.

diy scrabble wood tiles painted with the letters f, then a pumpkin for A, then L, and L, lined up to spell Fall

Paint a bright orange pumpkin on one side and a Fall inspired leaf on the other. Or choose from many designs available on this website to change it up and suit your decor.

diy wood scrabble tiles painted with the letters F, then a Autumn leaf for the A, then L and L for FALL art or home decor

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Use them as shelf sitters or you can turn them into wall scrabble tiles and hang them with command strips.

Scrabble Wall Art Tiles

Using a 1″ x 6″ pine board, just plain builders lumber from the local lumberyard or big box store trim it at 5.5″ intervals so they are nearly square. 

As you may know, regular lumber may be called a 1 x 6 but it does not measure that.  You could also use a 2 x 6 for thicker tiles. You can use wrapped canvas’ that is 1 1/2 inch deep.  

Stain Wood Tiles  

Once you have the squares cut I stained them with a dark oak stain. (a quicker way is to stain the board before you cut it then stain it) Here is how I stain with acrylic paint, it is easy and fast drying with no odor.

stained wood tiles for scrabble art for Fall

If you cut the wood after staining it then you will need to stain the cut edges as well.

Apply Crackle Medium

Once the stain is dry apply the crackle medium (this is optional).  The crackle gives the background interest for me, but it is not necessary if you wish to skip that step.

Let the Crackle coat dry thoroughly.

Paint over Crackle Coat

Apply a coat of white paint or color of choice. Let dry, as it dries the crackling will occur. Try not to overwork the paint or the crackle coat will lift.

white paint with crackle finish on wood scrabble tiles before painting letters

Distress sand Scrabble Tiles

Let the white coat dry completely then take a sander or sandpaper and sand each tile a bit to distress them, work a bit more around the edges.

Transfer Design

Next trace your letters and design.  Print out the letters with my printer using Microsoft Word then transfer them to the tiles with graphite paper.

You can print out your own custom wording. I show you how to create wording for signs here.

You can see the faint outline on the tiles below.

diy wood scrabble tiles with leaf and letter outlines in graphite

Now paint your leaf and/or pumpkin on one tile that would be the A and the letters on the others. I painted in the letters using a filbert brush.

To see how to paint an orange pumpkin see this tutorial. Or see how you can change up the colors of pumpkins in this lesson.

To paint the leaf refer to this painting lesson.

diy scrabble wood tiles painted with the letters f, then a pumpkin for A, then L, and L, lined up to spell Fall

You can distress the letters with a bit of sandpaper if you design to give them a more rustic look.

There you have your Fall Scrabble Tiles to add to your decor. You can use them on your mantel, with a porch display, or in a vignette on a tabletop.

DIY Scrabble tile art on table top with pumpkin, apple, framed photo with a vase of pussy willows

You can also use them as coasters if you put an exterior varathane finish on them. I like Rustoleum Spar Urethane Outdoor.

Try painting the word SNOW with a snowman on them for winter decor!

Turn these into Scrabble wall tiles but using some command strips and hang them!

Happy Fall crafting and painting!

Please enjoy and share!

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