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Looking for a fun and easy project to add some farmhouse charm to your home? This hand-painted Gather Sign tutorial is perfect for beginners!

Learn how to Paint a Gather sign with Boho Roses. An easy hand-painted farmhouse sign anyone can create!

How to paint a Gather sign with boho roses.  Grab your paints and brushes.

gather hand painted sign with white boho roses

This easy-to-paint sign is just plain fun.  Adding the boho roses gives it a funky vibe and is easy enough for beginning painters.  The lettering has an added element to give it dimension.  Now on to how to paint a Gather sign with Boho Roses!

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1′ x 8″ pine board cut to 23.5″ long
Plaid Folk Art Thunder Grey or Butter Pecan
Delta Ceramcoat Black (I prefer this one for lettering)
Plaid Wicker White
Plaid Burnt Umber
Vintage White
Plaid Real Gold Metallic (optional)
Crackle Medium
Floating Medium
#6 round brush
#10 flat
Graphite Paper
Loew Cornell White Nylon brushes
Rustoleum Spar Varathane, waterbased

Of course, you are welcome to paint the roses any color you prefer, the colors listed above is what I used for the tutorial.

After cutting the board to size I sanded the corners and edges for a worn effect.   The raw board had a couple of knots in it.  To treat knots to prevent them from coming through the paint with a dark splotch I seal them as best I can with a coat of varathane.   I talk more about this in my video.

Base Paint and Crackle

Once that is dry I base paint with Butter Pecan.  Let dry, then put on some Crackle Medium.  For more on how I use Crackle Medium click HERE.
After the Crackle is dry I paint on my top coat, this one I did two coats. Let dry.

cedar board painted off white

Transfer Pattern

Now tape the pattern onto the surface for the lettering or free-hand sketch some lettering if you are good at that.  Use graphite paper to transfer the word GATHER.

pattern for gather sign laying on painted wood board
All the best painting tips

Easiest Method to Transfer Patterns

There are many methods of transferring painting patterns but some are unnecessarily tedious or quite messy. After transferring hundreds of patterns I have found this to be the quickest and easiest way!


With a round or flat brush, whichever works best for you, fill in the lettering with black paint staying inside the lines. For more on lettering Click Here.

beginning to paint lettering in black paint

While letting the lettering dry you can start on the boho roses.

Undercoat Rose Shapes

Using Butter Pecan and a flat brush base in the rose shapes. These are circular shapes with edges that bump out as petals would no a rose.

There is no rhyme or reason, just get creative.

tan circular shapes painted on a board with lettering, base for boho roses

Paint the Boho Rose Petals

First paint a circular shape, not a perfectly round circle, you can see how some edges bump out slightly as a rose would.

Using the gold paint and a small round brush or the corner of a flat, make some U strokes facing each other.

beginning center of boho rose with gold paint

This will be the rose center. The undercoat shows through.

Need help learning basic strokes? I show you several in this post.

Layering Rose petals

Using the #6 round brush and Vintage White, start circling the center with small strokes.

The first strokes are made with the tip of the brush to keep the petals narrow.

Painting boho rose in white with round brush, inner petals

As you progress, start on the tip of the brush and pull then add more pressure toward the center of the petal to widen, then let the brush spring back to a point to narrow again.

Layering more rows of strokes for the boho rose

As you layer, note how the next layer of petals overlaps the space between the prior layers of petals.

Continue until you have filled in the rose.

finish outside edges of boho rose with smooth strokes

Note how the outer petals are not in a perfect circle but bump out slightly. This is why I wanted you to create the undercoat the way I explained. Not perfectly circular but with edges that mimic more of a rose shape.

Paint Leaves and Vines

Continuing with the round brush add some easy-stroke leaves and a vine.

You can double load with the Vintage White and Butter Pecan for a variation of color.

paint subtle vines and leaves for boho roses with gold and white paint

 Please see the video to watch how it is done.

Base paint some loose circles where you want to place your roses.  You don’t have to be tidy here just get a nice base coat sketched in.

While your base coat is drying you can use Floating Medium and Burnt Umber to place shadows all along the right side of your lettering.  

This will create a shadow which will give your sign a more dimensional look.

Starting from the center and using a round brush paint on some small arcs, alternately paint wider and wider arcs tapering the ends and making the centers wider.

Don’t worry, the video shows it all.

How to Paint a Gather sign with Boho Roses. A gorgeous hand painted sign in neutral tones and a bit of glam. Easy to paint Boho Roses and lettering make this an easy but fun project for everyone!

I paint the outer edges with the Butter Pecan and then a coat of the Real Gold, you can’t see them but it just creates a nice finishing touch to have the outer edges finished pretty.  Seal with the varathane and hang your beautiful sign.

Now for the Paint a Gather sign with Boho Roses video…

I know you will enjoy painting this sign!

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Happy Painting!

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How to Paint a Gather sign with Boho Roses. A gorgeous hand painted sign in neutral tones and a bit of glam. Easy to paint Boho Roses and lettering make this an easy but fun project for everyone!

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